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Nothing reveals the age of MacBook Air more than the display. The MacBook Air vs. the MacBook vs. the MacBook vs. the MacBook Pro: Wirecutter Review

You' re gonna need a notebook. Unfortunately, Apple's MacBook product line is currently amazingly bewildering, with many overlaps between the MacBook Air, the MacBook and the entry-level MacBook Pro. However, we think if you're just looking for a sturdy, daily Apple notebook that gives you good value for money, it's tough to be better than MacBook Air.

Whichever Mac notebook you decide on, you'll get a similar overall viewing experience. Continue reading for a brief overview of Apple's individual base models. We' ve got a complete guidebook devoted to selecting the best MacBook. But if you don't need a new Mac notebook right now, we suggest you wait:

Apple's laptops are due for updating (some might say overdue). MacBook Air also has the longest life of any Mac laptops. Employees who have used Air version over the years say it can last for almost an entire working or studying session, while MacBook and MacBook Pro require a fee until the early afternoons.

Plus, the 12-inch MacBook and the latest MacBook Pro have useful legacies - two USB-A 3.0 connectors, an SD memory cartridge port, and a Thunderbolt 2/Mini DisplayPort - so you don't need adaptors to use most of your peripheral devices. The Air is the only MacBook that still has a great keypad and the handy MagSafe magnet plug.

Air is the only MacBook that doesn't have a retina screen. As the Air is older, it is the least expensive of Apple's lightweights. In addition, reputable third parties often sell it for tens of thousands of dollars before Apple else pays for it, and Apple itself periodically provides highly reduced, fully reconditioned products with a full one-year limited guarantee.

When you want a sturdy MacBook at the best possible value, Air is the best choice. This 12-inch MacBook is the right way if you want the smallest and easiest Mac notebook and are willing to afford more: Prices start at $1,300 (although it gives you 256 GB of disk space, twice as much as the $1,300 entry-level Pro and $1,000 Air).

Apple had to make a few sacrifices in order to get the slim styling of the 12-incher MacBook right. While this offer helps alleviate the aches and pains caused by the keyboard's flaws, it doesn't alter the fact that Apple's new keypad isn't as convenient and dependable as its forerunner. In our opinion, there's only one convincing good enough argument for choosing MacBook over the Air now, unless the smallest possible Mac is your top priority:

However, this distinction is not crucial to the way you use the device, and we think that the Air's old connectors make it much easier to use in everyday life when you need to plug into a printer, display or something else. MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, TwoThunderbolt 3 ports) - yes, Apple really calls it that to be different from the Touch Bar version (13-inch, 2017, FourThunderbolt 3 ports) - is the engine you get when you want the most performance and the biggest, hottest display without exceeding the $1,500 mark.

MacBook Pro's retina screen looks great, although this Pro has only two Thunderbolt 3/USB-C connectors, which is an edge over the air only if you have the right accessory to use it. If not, consider buying many of the same adaptors you would need with the 12-inch MacBook.

MacBook Pro also uses Apple's newer mid-range keypad styling.

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