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Flight schedule Jet Airways

Schedule changes to another date without prior notification - Jet Airways review It' s a good thing that on 6 March 2017 one of the contestants wanted to call off the flight. Therefore I made the inquiry to the agent and found out that the date of Delhi's flight was altered to another date as well. Jet Airways did not send us this notice, no e-mail, no call, nothing from the carrier.

Jet Airway (Bangkok) personnel had informed the agent on that date that a planned 11 April flight to Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport (IXL) would be a full week flight and a full flight would not take place. So on March 7 I got directly in touch with the Jet Airways (Bangkok) offices if I needed an undertaking.

And the same individual confirmed that the aerodrome will no doubt be shut down because of a planned army action. It also mentioned that Jet Airways has been informed by India International Airports, and as soon as the other carriers have received the same information, they will also be cancelling their flight at that time.

It is so incomprehensible that the personnel of the carrier told me that the aerodrome would be shut down and that I had no other option than these two. It' s a common practise that she helped me with the alternate flight but did not do so. Following many difficulties we had due to schedule changes, I then found out that many other carriers will continue to fly on the initial date as before.

Therefore I made the decision to directly approach Kushok Bakula Rampochee International Airports and the India Airports Authority. This is when we have obtained the same acknowledgement that it is not real, KUSHOK BAKULA REIMPOCHEE AIRPORT is functional throughout the year unless it is under the reservation of weather conditions. THERE'?I WON'T BE A MILITARY OPERATION, AS WE WERE WARNED.

Again I phoned the BKK offices, the other employees spoke to me as if he were a computer plane "?Your flight was change you've already changed the travelling date" over and over again, so he can't help. Having personally payed additional costs for booking Air India for the DEL-IXL sectors, I have noticed that Air India is flying as it is.

I can' believe that Jet Airways employees gave us wrong information about operations, and this lead me to the conclusions that no other airline could have landed at Kushok Bakula Rimpochee International Airfield (IXL) on April 11, 2017 and created many problems for us. On April 16th at IXL International Airports the personnel at the check-in desk received my luggage day to the other group when I asked about it, she said she had already given it to me and she was asked if she pointed "Are you sick" together with her fingers at the area I couldn't get into and said to me, "you go there and check your bag", that's a poor sarcasm... and very impolite.

Now, I don't need a reimbursement, just wanted to tell them that they should give the employees above a decent education about fundamental ethical, polite, especially sincerity, this thing would be "a plus" for their organisation.

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