How many Fit in a Maxi Taxi

Maxi taxi? How many fits in a maxi taxi?

What's my cab fare? We have a very diverse fleet and can respond to many customer requests. At Maxi Taxi / Van Maxi Taxi we pride ourselves on offering you a simple and affordable alternative to the main New Zealand airports.


In addition to extensive security education, every Hobart Maxi Taxi car is equipped with a cleverly devised track system that enables the dispatching staff to pinpoint each car specifically at any given moment. In addition, they are equipped with a continuous recording system which is mandatory in all taxis in Australia.

EVFTPOS - All your maximums are equipped with EVFTPOS service. Each Maxi-Taxi is equipped with the latest technologies and comes with a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) that provides precise information to get the drivers to their destinations on time.

BOX - Our 14 -vehicle vehicle hire business specialises in transporting wheelchair-accessible and disabled clients throughout southern Tasmania. On a regular basis, we look after organisations such as the education department, care facilities, clinics, disabled facilities, group houses, tourist facilities and private clients. BOOKING GROUPS - Maxi trucks are a good way to carry groups in the Hobart area.... whatever the cause.

Tours - Our cars are very much appreciated for Tasmania whether you want to drive to the summit of Mount Wellington, Port Arthur or the Huon Valley. Many of our customers use our service for daily excursions or excursions. GRAND MAXI TAXI grand maxi taxi cabs are an excellent way to carry your food or bigger shopping, such as big screens or sports equipment packed in large cartons that don't fit in a vehicle.

Hi, could you please tell me how many guys can...?

Hi, could you please tell me how many guys fit in a cab? This is a five-person familiy who wants to take a taxi from a cruiser to Hideaway Island and back. Minibuses have a D if they are a taxi, or a D if they are a coach.

Taxi costs more. They' re like a cab, taking you wherever you want to go. In order to get from the cruiser to Hideaway Island, you must spend no more than $2.00 per people. Your cabs and busses are minivans, they have a lot of space. Probably it would be less expensive if you took a coach 'B' than a taxi 'T'.

It' cheap to take one of the "B" busses, and there's so many of them everywhere.

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