Sri Lankan Airline Seat Reservation

Seat reservation of the Sri Lankan airline

Select your seat well in advance: Pre-registration seat reservation Reservations are subject to a charge; if you have an Economy Class ticketing, you can book your priority seat at reservation or prior to check-in by calling one of our UL ticketing or call centers. Extended seat reservations are subject to a charge for Economy Class travellers on the following itineraries.

Availability of a seat through tourist agencies will be available shortly. Reservations are free of charge if you are traveling in Business Classe. Designed for Economy Flex travellers in H, D, B or J category. Passangers entitled to access to the cabins in wheelchairs.

The seat choice fees are calculated in the same denomination as your tickets at the applicable foreign rates.

Advance reservation of places together with sri lankan airlines - South Male Atoll Forum

Hi, you can reserve places and don't think that a fee is charged, just can't reserve in the super business because some aircraft have moved this area, so now you can only do it at check-in at the airports, HI, I find that very odd as I called Sri Lanka last Friday and had no problems at all with booking places and there was no fee.

We' re in the shared or horticultural sector, and it seems strange that, as Rach says, you can hire them, but not the nobler ones in the first-class. As I called and asked if it was possible to pre-book places, I immediately got a "yes of course" without asking for premiums or anything else.

Talked to a young man who was charmed and very supportive, but unfortunately I didn't understand his name. Hello, what places have you reserved, series number? Hi, we are now flying to the Maltese Islands in less than 4 week and went to the website of the Sri Lankan airline companies and we were able to select our places on the website of the Sri Lankan airline companies, it shows a seating plan to make it simpler, didn't have to Pay separately and didn't have to participate in the Fly Smile. jo, where on the website did you make reservations?

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