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Cheap International Travel Tickets

What is the best way to buy cheap tickets for trains in Europe? From London to Paris from £44? From Paris to Venice â'¬35? from Paris to Amsterdam â'¬35? Low rail rates from downtown to downtown, no airports tax, no luggage charges, no reservation tax and children are free.

Usually, you just go ahead and get your own tickets. There would be nice if there were a website that sells tickets for all Europe wide courses at the best prices, but they don't exist.

This page will tell you the best way to buy tickets to your special trips if you have a valid passport and if you have got your own computer. Simply choose the town where your trip begins from the drop-down list. Cheap tickets to buy trains on-line .... Browse these hints to help you better understand how tickets work and whether to make an advanced booking or buy at the railway stations.

Every single one of the countries in Europe has its own rail network with its own ticket system and website. The majority of airlines provide cheap low-cost fare when you make an advanced reservation, but you can only buy them through their own website or from an agent directly connected to this system. This page will tell you that you should make a reservation on the website of the Czech Railways (CD's), as these tickets are sold from only 21 â' in advanced, international credits card are acceptable, no reservation charge, you are printing your own tickets.

There is no other website that can offer these â'¬21 Prague-Budapest rates, but several well known internet booking websites will offer you a â'¬90+ deal by using an almost outdated interoperator system known as TCV, a traditional fare that has to be delivered to you for an additional charge, and over â'¬100,uch! Delivering tickets is also important.

You can for example make a reservation for Vienna to Venice at, but the tickets must be picked up at a self-service terminal in Italy, which is not good for a start in Vienna. I' ve taken all this into consideration to give you the lowest cost and simplest way to make each and every trip, whether you are in the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, wherever you are.

Frequently asked questions about rail travel in Europe..... Checking your timetables for every trip in Europe........................................................................................................................................................................ In order to monitor your trains for almost every trip throughout Europe, use www.bahn. de/en, the quick, competent and efficient Europe-wide schedule on the Deutsche Bahn website. OK, no tariffs for trips outside Germany, but trains for even complicated trips almost everywhere in Europe, from Lisbon to Moscow, Helsinki to Palermo.

There are a few restrictions, for example it won't show timetables for some privately owned trains like the Circumvesuviana from Naples to Sorrento, the dates will be a little rough on the Balkans, and if I would make a very long trip I would allow much longer links, which the minimal connecting timetables suggest, but it's still great.

It is an on-line counterpart to the print timetable placards at the railway stops showing the planned timetable. You can find real-time information about rail traffic delay or disruption in all countries in the Real-time section here. What makes trains work? Will I have to make a reservation in advanced? When you can get an overview of the 3 different ticket schemes described below, you will be able to see how Europe's rail ticket works, and if you have seen contradictory advices to buy at the railway terminal or no, no, no, buy in advance, it will begin to make headway.....

1 ) Locally, regionally, upstream and downstream moves everywhere = Turn-up-and-Go-Ticketing: You can buy tickets for commuter, short-distance, regional as well as commuter services conveniently at the railway stations. Buy a fare at the railway depot and get on the next train wherever you want. Purchasing on line just spends a few moments at the checkout, that's all.

Inland services within Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg work this way, a booking is not necessary and in most cases not possible, not even for inter-city services. They show up, buy a fixed-price tickets at the railway stations and change to the next platoon. 2. Long-distance services in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden = sale of tickets in airlines format:

On the other hand, intercity and high-speed train services operate in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Sweden like airline companies, as do most international high-speed train services to or from France, among them Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam Thalys, Paris-Germany, Paris-Switzerland TGV Lyria, Paris-Milan and Paris-Barcelona train services. Tariffs are as flexible as fare, very cheap when booked in advanced, but much more costly when purchased near the date of flight.

Paris to Amsterdam, for example, begins at â'¬35 purchased several month in advance for no refund, no change in itineraries, but will cost a full â'¬130 for a fully fexible ticketing if you are waiting and buying during the course of the year. While the most costly tariffs usually allow changes and reimbursements, the lower tariffs mean no reimbursements and no changes in travel itineraries.

All tickets are delivered with a reserved place, which is inclusive as with flight tickets. 3. Long-distance services in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Middle and East Europe = conventional rail ticketing: Intercity services in the UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark and much of East Europe operate on the old-style principle. There is a full rate flexibility with no limit on available services and a flat rate suitable for any given date.

That can' t be sold out, you can show up anytime, buy a full rate tickets and get on the next platoon seated on a free, non-reserved space. These full-priced tickets, however, are often pricey, especially on longer journeys. For a much lower pre-sale rate, make an advanced booking and choose a particular scheduled service with restricted or no refund or change of itinerary.

Those tickets have different names: Prices rise as the cheapest tickets are purchased and the date of travel is near. From Munich to Vienna, for example, you can buy an inexpensive pre-sale tickets for â'¬29, â'¬39, â'¬49, â'¬59, etc. Restricted availabilities at any fare stage, train-only, restricted or no refund or change in itinerary.

You can also â'¬94 for a full fare tickets, good for any platoon, infinite availabilities, can never be sold out. None of the two types of tickets has a reserved place, you can board and take your seats wherever you want, or you can charge a surcharge of â'¬4. If I was to travel alone in mid-February, I wouldn't take the trouble to make a booking, but I would make a booking if I were to travel on a Friday in July and there were four of us!

Embassy here is to pre-book to conserve cash if you like to commit to a particular move, but if you don't mind to pay Full-Whack, you can buy on that date as moves can't be sold out. When can I make a reservation? One of the greatest reasons why humans started by knocking down a railroad barrier to buy a rail pass is because they are trying to look too far ahead.

Locals who live their everyday life buy rail tickets day or week in advance, not month s-for rail companies that's 95% of their time. Foreign travellers who make their one-off travel to Europe try to make a reservation half a year in advance and wonder why locomotives are not shown or why reservations do not work. On the How far in advance can I make a reservation? you will find all the information on how far in advance you can make reservations for different kinds of railways in Europe.

Tip: If you need to reserve a hotel or lodging at your final destination prior to rail travel, no worries, you can keep your accommodations risk-free at , as they are usually cancelled free of charge up to 24hours before you arrive. Do not buy a Eurostar ticketing before the reservation for your journey begins!

You can make up to 180 day advance bookings between London and Paris, but your connecting service will probably only open 92 or 120 day in advance. It is strongly recommended that you wait until the reservation is open so that you can verify the real time of your move for that date before you book a non-refundable ?star seat.

Well, at least unless you are deliberately willing to take a deliberate gamble - tickets to Star Euro are now modifiable, but it will cost £40 + the price differential when changing a Star Eurocard. Low-priced pre-sale tickets are almost always train-specific, e.g. Paris-Amsterdam for 35 euros, Munich-Vienna 29 euros. These tickets cannot be stopped because they are only available for the trains you have reserved.

When you really need it, you can use these tickets to get off just before your final destinations (that's okay in continental Europe, but not in the UK), but the part of your tickets you don't use is no use. You cannot stop on mandatory reserved services even with tickets that are subject to flexibility, as these tickets are only available on the service you have reserved.

You can often stop on commuter and long haul services without a booking requirement if you have a versatile ticketing option that allows you to make a stop. However, please make sure you examine the small letters for your particular ticketing style & as every railway company has different regulations. It is often best to be on the safe side by booking each stage as a trip separately.

If you book a trip to, from or within Germany on the Deutsche Bahn website, , you can pre-program a stopover using the function Create interim stop. Simply type in a town and a certain number of lessons in the stop-off field "hh:mm" and you will receive (e.g.) a Munich-Vienna tickets of â'¬29, but with a stop-off in Salzburg including.

And if you're going on a long, multi-trip trip like London to Málaga, where each individual is listed anyway, you can of course stop by bookings for any stage, any date and any hour. Seniors' rates, my tip in the nuts: Go to the website of the railway company, make a reservation 2 or 3 month in advanced, find a cheap pre-sale tickets, payment, printing, travel.

Don't worry about being "senior," because 9 out of 10 it'? The same can be said about teenage rates. Seniors or young people tariffs are proposed when there is one and when it is the best option: The majority of sites ask for your ages when you make a request, and every seniors or teens rate will be displayed if there is one and if it is the best one.

So, don't spend your precious little bit of your precious spare tire on it, just make the request and buy the best value one. In case you are shown a seniors or youths tariff in the results only because you have typed in your own old age, no specific rail card is required but only a certificate of your old-age, e.g. your travelpass.

Retirement or juvenile rates are often not relevant..... A lot of international tariffs work like this: â'¬29/â'¬39/â'¬49/â'¬59 Restricted pre-sale tariffs available to anyone of any ages, â'¬80 Seniors tariff, â'¬100 Fullflex tariff - since the Seniors tariff is usually a percentage rebate on the Megabuck fullflex tariff, not a rebate on any tariff in this area.

There is little point in purchasing the â'¬80 seniors price if a â'¬29 price is available for everyone of any ages. If you had to travel at shorter distances when the cheap rates are out of stock, there would only be a sense in purchasing the old people' rate. Once again, forgetting about being a seniors, just buy the lowest price tickets.

Helpful for frequent travelers, but often a diversion for overseas visitors: They buy the train ticket for a set price and it is then for one year in force and grants rebates on tickets for travel within that national territory, but usually not for travel abroad. On the other hand, 99 out of 100 international travelers will not take enough tours to make such a map profitable.

If you can only buy the Travelcard when you get there, the pre-departure date, when all cheap pre-sale rates are out, your ticket could give you a 25% reduction on a 100-euro full-flex rate, if you had been able to book your travelcard at home two month ago and buy a 29-euro low pre-sale rate without the Travelcard.

For most holidaymakers, this diversion can be forgotten, just go ahead and get a cheap offer on-line, don't be worried about your railcard. offers seniors' rates in Italy only for persons with a Trenitalia Carravaggio ticket. At the time of reservation, the best thing to do is not to choose a foreign trade name with the words "Card", "Carta", "Carte" etc. before or after, unless you know you have one!

Previously, there was an international rail ticket named Rail+Plus Senior which offered a 25% discount on full international fare between a number of West and East Europe states. In the meantime, however, it has been pulled back, not a great deal of a waste, since it was not available on any of the "worldwide cheap" international train services in West Europe, which now means almost all of them!

Toddlers under a certain ages travel free on board trams, no tickets needed (Spain is an exemption, see here and so is Russia), just take along. Kids under a certain ages travel at the kids price, sometimes with 50% off, sometimes with a specific kids price. So if you're traveling with kids, you'll find detailed information and tips on the page Traveling with kids and infant ages.

Pre-warned is armed, so here are the two most important traps to look out for when making bookings for kids online: 1) Children's rates more costly than adults' rates. That happens when (a) the rail carrier has prepared a full rate for adults + a full rate for kids + some cheap full rates for adults in anticipation without providing equal pre-sale rates for kids, and (b) the website is not mature enough to replace a full rate for adults with a full rate for kids if it is less costly.

Of course, a kid can travel with an adults pass, but not vice versa! I have seen, for example, 1 adults and 1 children Paris-Barcelona on the website of the French Railways, which cost 74 â' for adults (cheaper price for adults) and 114 â' for children (full price for children) because the system was not smart enough to know that 2 x â'¬74 tickets for adults would be less expensive.

By the way, had the necessary additional softwares and managed exactly the same request properly and offered 2 x £68 or â'¬74 tickets for 1 adults + 1 children on the same flight. Simply keep your eye open and make your booking with your mind switched on! 2 ) Some sites use the false (more restrictive) ages for children:

Mainly due to technological restrictions, the French railways' ages on the French railways' web sites, among them oil company Ltd, &, are applied blindfolded to each booked service, regardless of the actual ages in force. It is a particular issue when it comes to reserving Paris-Germany services, since the French railways use their own directive'under 4 years of age free, under 12 years of age child fare' when reserving the same service. de uses its own much more liberal directive'under 6 years of age free, under 16 years of age child free, under 16 years of age free when escorted by a contributing adult'.

An important general policy is that if you have children and the trains are English or used by, from, via or within Germany, the Deutsche Bahn website is not therench one! By the way, when my boy was 5 years old, if I took him on a Paris to Munich public transport, he wouldn't need a Deutsche Bahn website ticketing, since he's under 6 years old, but since he's over 4 years old, he'd travel illegal if I didn't buy him a children's ticketing from the France public transport website.

Everything will depend on which website I didn't use to buy him a tickets. And I knew that a philosophical qualification would be useful for making train reservations..... With train passes, you can travel flexibly and indefinitely in one single state, several different states, or a large part of Europe. When you want the freedom to discover Europe, visit the InterRail Passport page if you reside in Europe or the Eurail Passport page if you reside outside Europe.

When you just want to travel cheap ly from A to A, just make a reservation one or two months in advanced, as shown on this page, and forgot your passports. Railpass can ( sometimes ) cut costs compared to costly long-haul full-price tickets purchased on the travel date, but almost never compared to the low pre-sale rates now available on most itineraries.

You can find the arguments "Should I buy a rail pass or point-to-point tickets?" on the rail pass & Eurail page. Divide the reservation! This is the most important tip I always give when folks find that Avignon reservation services to Pisa don't work at once (let's say), or don't give a cheap rate for (let's say) Zurich to Florence, or the Italian Railways website doesn't reserve an indirectly scheduled service to Lucerne:

Divide the reservation! Certain reservation schemes can only carry non-stop services, e.g. Spain (except for a restricted number of important pre-programmed connections), Hungary com can carry non-stop services within Italy and non-stop services from Italy, such as Milan to Lucerne with a transfer at Arth Goldau.

Our approach is to divide the trip into small parts and then post each part of the trip (or, if necessary, each single train) one after the other on the operator's website. For example, none of the rail operators' sites can make a one-stop booking from Amsterdam to Benidorm near Alicante in Spain.

However, or will be booking Amsterdam-Paris with the Thalys high-speed rail service. Paris-Barcelona will be booked on the website of the French railways en.oui. and www.renfe. com will be booked on the website of the Spanish railways www.renfe. com will be booking the Barcelona-Alicante service. You can buy a tickets from Alicante to Benidorm at the railway stations during the whole week, so you don't have to think about it.

Review the ticketing Delivery choices thoroughly..... When I am not familiar with a website for the sale of tickets, the first thing I do is review the ticketing option. As an example, the railway website in Italy is happy to offer you a train fare from Vienna to Venice, but it cannot offer its own e-tickets for printing on this line, tickets can only be picked up at railway yards in Italy or sent to Italy so it is not good for travelling south to Italy.

However, on the website of the Austrian Federal Railways you can buy your own e-tickets for the same line in both directions and thus reserve Vienna-Venice in both directions. What is the best time to make a booking by telephone? When there is a continuing malfunction in the on-line system or none of the system seems to be booking what you want, lift the handset!

It may also be necessary to lift the handset if you have a particular need, such as a particular chair or a chair in a particular car. There are also trips that you just can't book on line, for example many East Europe trips like Warsaw-Kiev or Bucharest-Istanbul, to name just two.

After all, if you are making a more complicated travel reservation, you may choose to make all your tickets together by telephone, even if you are paying a reservation charge, rather than making several reservations on several sites to ensure that each of these connections exists. Please see the page How to buy tickets by telephone - some agents are better than others for certain tours or destinations because of the system of use.

To book your own tickets on-line and to put together your own travel is the best value alternative. However, if your primary concern is your spare schedule, your anger and your ignorance of the facts, not your costs, you can hire Railbookers to organise your entire journey, with rail tickets, transfer and hotel, all professionally arranged to your specifications.

Since you are then regarded as a parcel booker, they also take all necessary precautions if disruptions occur during the journey, such as strike or flood. Hotel reservation & accomodation for rail travel: It is possible to reserve your hotel before you reserve your rail..... As a rule, I use for hotel bookings , because there you can usually reserve rooms with free cancelling.

That means that you can make your booking without any risks already month before the start of the training. You can use to find the best value for money vendor for a particular property or to find properties in the smallest locations. At the World Travel Awards 2013, it was honored as the world's premier comparative website for travelers.

It is a noteworthy page, it verifies all important web pages at once, such as Expedia,, Agoda, and many more. Almost always free of charge, your bag is taken care of by your host when you need to checkout and take an afternoons or evenings station, or when you get there in the mornings before you can go to your room.

When you arrive early, perhaps by night trains, don't lose sight of the fact that you can usually go to a large motel near the railway yard and buy your own continental breakfasts, even if you're not there. Purchase your tickets within the United Kingdom..... Purchase rail and boat tickets to Ireland .... Purchase tickets for all of Europe.....

Every page of the country of interest contains step-by-step instructions on how to book your rail travel from the United Kingdom to your final destinations in that particular continent. Railway tickets for travel within Ireland..... You don't have to make a prebooking as the reservations are never obligatory, you can just show up, buy a tickets and get on the next Train.

Irish Rail does, however, provide a number of discounted rates when you make an advanced booking at www.irishrail. and pick up tickets from the self-service terminals. Reservations are not mandatory, you can always just show up, buy a tickets and board the next flight from Dublin Connolly to Belfast. However, you can find some cheap presale rates if you make your booking in Advance.

SailRail tickets for trains and ferries can be purchased cheaply from any railway in Ireland to any railway in the UK at The trip with the high-speed shuttle Swift will cost a few Euro more. from Dublin to Paris from â'¬95, further to Switzerland, to Italy, Spain & further..... SailRail from Dublin to London, then Eurostar to Paris:

First you buy a cheap SailRail tickets from Dublin or anywhere in Ireland to London at from â'¬50. Buy a Eurostar from London to Paris or Brussels from 44 one way, 58 round trip at so you have enough free travel at to switch London's train and station services in the event of a late arrival or spend the night if necessary.

Take the 08:05 Dublin Ferryport to Holyhead for example and catch a 16:38 London arrival on working days and 17:38 on Sunday. Do not have any problems getting the 19:00 h order that reaches Paris at 22:17 h. You can find details on timetables, tariffs and how to buy tickets from London to Italy, Spain, Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe on the respective countries page chosen here.

Optional 2, by non-stop boat from Rosslare to Roscoff or Cherbourg in France, Paris rail service. You can find the timetables from Cherbourg or Roscoff to Paris at Cherbourg' will be the easiest place to get a rail to Paris. Optional 3, take the scenic Cork to Roscoff in France directly to Paris:

Then you can take a delayed tomorrow from Roscoff to Paris, mostly with a transfer in Morlaix, which arrives around 16:15, on schedule for the TGV to Switzerland or the sleeping boat to Italy to Germany. Review Roscoff-Paris timetables and purchase tickets on-line at From Dublin take the 08:05 Dublin to Holyhead boat and catch a 16:38 Monday-Saturday 16:44 Sunday 16:44 Sunday boat from â'¬50, booking on

Travel now from London to Amsterdam via London via Flyer from £49 with your own stateroom from £30, see London to Amsterdam page for detail. Continue your journey from Amsterdam, as you can see on the page with the international rail services from Amsterdam. I think for the independant traveler, the best there is is is either the Lonely Planet or the Rough Guide.

As an alternative, the Europe by Rail guideline provides a combination of national information with fundamental information on trains. Finding accommodation throughout Europe... reviews all key accommodation reservation pages at once to find the largest selection of accommodation and the best value vendor. It has been recognized as the World's Leading  Hotel Comparison Site in the World Travel Awards and I suggest finding and checking to see if any other retail store doesn't sell the same property for less money. is my favorite web site for making reservations, and unless HotelsCombined raises big pricing issues that I would rather make in one place here.

As a rule, you can cancel your reservation free of charge - so you can validate your accomodation without any risks before you register your trains. Others websites that are really valuable... is a great place to look... is a great place to search the ratings of freelance travelers of all major properties. is my own favorite reservation system (Hotels Combed is a reservation system).

There is a easy user friendly screen, a good choice in most of the world's major markets, useful on-line ratings of individual hotels and reasonable rates, usually including inevitable extra's like tax (a hatred for my pets are schemes that display one rate, then calculate another!). Hostelworld provides on-line dormitory or ultra-cheap hostel bookings in Europe's most popular backpackers' hotels at rock-bottom rates.

Make sure you have a good travel agency coverage, it is important..... Do not travel without adequate travel coverage from a trusted health care provider with at least 1m or £5m health coverage. As a rule, an additional travel agreement is also the best option for only 2 or 3 journeys per year - I have my own one. If you don't anticipate that the travel agency will get you out of every missing link, read the notes on missing links here.

So if you reside in the USA, try Travel Guard USA. British citizens traveling in Europe should request a free EHIC card entitling them to free or discounted healthcare if they become ill or hurt in many EHIC mutual agreements in many EU member states.

However, it does not eliminate the need for travel insurances. Furthermore, some of them are more suitable than others for travelling abroad.

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