7 Seater Taxi Advance Booking

7-Seater Taxi Advance Sale

$18.00 - Advance booking fee (30 minutes and more). Compare prices of licensed taxi companies, Minicab & Taxi companies in UK cities.

Big Taxi 7-Seater - MaxiCab Reservation Singapore

Singapur Large taxi hotline +65 6200 7759, the right option for up to 7 travellers with 7 pieces of baggage. Convenient, exclusive and yet accessible. Make a call now and book a large 7-seater taxi service at the airports for pick-up and transfer to and from your host families, acquaintances or customers. Rugged and convenient, this is an excellent way to make business or private reservations.

The large taxi or also known as maximum taxi by some, are very much loved by large scale Euro level costumers for its roomy interiors and are often reserved by businesses for transporting their costumers.

Singapore-Large Taxi is known for providing quick, secure and dependable 7-seater transport to and from Singapore Changi Airport with the ability to drive with or without Meet and Greet service, and with the certainty that your journey with us will be very enjoyable and unforgettable. Dependable, convenient and affordable is what comes to your minds when you get into the car.

Do you need a taxi to carry cumbersome objects from the mega store such as furnishings or even bicycles? Don't be annoyed, because the big taxi is not only available for transferring passengers from the airports or cities to touristic destinations, but also for transporting unwieldy objects. In fact, we have even got reservations from room renters who move from one place to another at the end of their rental agreement.

You can also make advance reservations via our website, which is the best option. We ensure you won't be charged an extra for all advance reservations as our large 7-seater taxi transfer services are offered at our regular rate including ERP and top speed up. Please call our 24-hour +65 6200 7759 or Text / Wassapp +65 9895 2595 for all reservations and inquiries, our staff are fully qualified to meet all your transport needs.

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