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The Flight Tkt

Flight tickets stolen STA Travel Happens to everyone - you have no clue where you put your tickets or you have taken them to such a secure place that you can't find them (or even worst, they were taken with your belongings). When you lose your tickets, don't be desperate! Simply obey the directions below, according to the nature of your tickets, and you'll be back on the right path in no time at all.

eTickets are electronical version of regular eTickets. Electric travel passes cannot be discarded by definition. Once you have moved your print route, just find your definitive route by email from STA Travel and re-print it! In the event that you have forgotten your STA document before your flight, please ask your local reservations office to reissue it (a charge will be made).

If your travel pass is damaged or theft occurs, please consult your local travel agent. If you have a copy of the original fare. Sorry, we can only help you re-issue e-tickets and STA Travel hard -copy travel cards once you have begun your journey. In case you have forgotten your hard copy travel pass before your flight, please check with your STA Travel office (details can be found on your receipt).

However, once you have begun your journey, hard copy travel passes can only be issued again by the carrier you are traveling with, so you will need to check with the nearest flight agent in the current state. It is recommended that you use an online web browser to find the airline's website and obtain your contacts locally.

Occasionally, it may not be possible to re-issue your tickets. If this is the case, it is necessary for you to buy a new tickets at your own expenses so that you can go. According to the circumstance of losing your tickets (e.g. theft), you can recover the costs of replacing or refunding the originals against your trip insurer.

For more information and advice on the available coverage and any formal or support documents that you must receive prior to your flight, please refer to the particulars of your personal coverage. Both STA Travel and the carrier levy charges for reissuing your ticket.

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