Taxi on line

Taxis on line

Have you forgotten your password? has developed its own free transport app, which customers can use to request a ride with a touch screen. Find out more about our prepayment options here! You can use the custom portal to book your taxi online. In this chapter we describe the role of taxi transport in a diverse transport system and ways to improve the quality of taxi services.

Booking your taxi in Berlin right now is a simple matter - either immediately or pre-booked.

Berlin, the capitol of Germany, is a favourite vacation spot for international visitors and an important place for visiting businesses. The abundance of businesses present is a particularly important benefit for travelers on official occasions. If you are a privat person in Berlin and want to travel from A to B2, you are well off to take a taxi.

No matter whether you want to drive from your destination harbour, such as a railwaystation or an airport, to your accommodation, or whether you want to go to one of the country's historic sights, such as the Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag: with a taxi, every journey is fast, safe and cozy. Flexible: Privat persons can reserve a taxi at any point of the daily and seven daily hours of the workweek.

Convenient booking: There are also discount options available based on the date of your reservation and the itinerary of your trip. Taxi services are not only advantageous for individuals, but also for those travelling on Berlin trips. Taxi's are especially useful when meetings with your trading partner are on the daily schedule and timeliness is of the essence - taxi's provide you with a versatile way to organize your free times in such circumstances.

Each time you book, you collect points which you can redeem for bonuses. It is also possible to specify the number of passengers and baggage in advanced.


Prices apply to the whole duration of the holiday. It is necessary to subtract the free day(s) from the indicated rate (if the rate is not green). Starting 17.03.2018, child-friendly hotel-inns will be offering free accommodation and great reductions for them. At all the hostels and pensions designated with a bears, family members with kids can get preferential rates.

The following discounts are valid for single rooms with children in doublerooms until 5 July 2019. Discounts mentioned above are only valid in low seasons. The following discounts are valid for single rooms with children in doublerooms from 18 Aug 2018 to 14 Sep 2018.

Above discount only in low seasons and summers. Indicated prices are indicative only. We do not consider seasonal changes or rebates (e.g. for children).

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