Ola Taxi Receipt

Taxi Ola Receipt

Therefore you should only use a proper taxi company. You can download Ola and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 0la Cabs - BILL AND NOT ACCEPT OF THE ACCOUNT

OLA Cab from Bangalore Airport. Drivers took Rs.120.00 for the Banglore Airport tolls, but the receipt was not given to me to verify the amount and receive a refund. In addition, I reserved for Rs640. 00 and had to give Rs.640.00 to the rider for 36 KM drive. Drivers also paid for 20 min. delay while I was compelled to await the taxi due to his delayed arrivals.

Continuing on the track we halted each time less than 1 minute at 3-4 points to find the direction to the targets.

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Lower peak - lower price, or lower rise as you know it, will help us offer amusement park attractions when they are in high demand. Please contact us for more information. As our top price is limited, you can still drive without having to burn a gap in your bag. ? If there is a summit, there must be a Lean, right?

It' s getting late for passengers to take advantage of leisure trips. The advantages of reduced rates are passed on to you during the lease period. ? High class rides - We aim to provide a first class entertainment every trip. Come with us to see for yourself. Security and Support - Your security is our top priorities and is inseparably integrated into our platforms.

Follow your journey in real-time, sharing your position with your friends and family, or trigger an SOS alarm. You can contact us at any given moment via In-App-Support or by e-mail. I' ve been a frequent carpooler for the past 5 years and would generally take an over 4-5 times around a week. What I would like to do is to have a carpool with you.

The telephone had no batteries and couldn't find the rider, so I didn't go on driving. By the time he opened the card, the Ola rider had turned on the application for over two hrs and was driving all over Melbourne making about 10 different stations. Obviously, he hadn't cancelled my reservation but kept it open while using another carpool to collect and set down passenger to redouble the charges.

Ola received my complaint and after three week I got an answer that the rider said that I had taken the trip I had reserved and they would pay back the fee. My evidence is that I was not in the vehicle at the moment, along with the receipt as to whether it arrived at the ATM on the opposite side of the city where the vehicle was located.

Everyone would see, if you look at the card, that nobody would make a trip like this. I got a note from Ola three and a half months ago that your money had been canceled. One driver had been complaining about a price change and Ola replied: "We will get back to you in 48 hours".

Following the follow-up I was asked to continue waiting 10 more time! Since 19.06. I have not recieved any payments for this journey or any of my other journeys. In fact, I even proposed that they cancel the journey that had the mistake and simply charge me for the other journeys as I have to be charged, but I was advised that this was not an optional extra and unfortunately I was again advised to stay another 48hrs.

In fact, I told them that I had a 12-day-old neonate and that it was critical that I get paid to help my loved ones, and again the same answer to stay waiting as they work on it. Supporting Ola is the poorest kind of assistance I've ever had.

As many as six members of your household can use this application if sharing is activated.

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