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Booking hotline Comfort Cab

Complaints, Feedback and Lost & Found When you wish to make a claim against a cab driver's services or give your own personal information, you can call the company's support hotline. You can also call the Land Transport Authority (LTA) at 1800-CALL-LTA (1800-2255-582). The LTA will pursue an inquiry or direct a case to the cab operator in accordance with the LTA's discipline for cab users, subject to the type of complaints or feedbacks.

In order to file a claim, you must provide information such as the number plates of the taxis, date, hour and a brief description of the event.

Excellent taxi booking facilities | Firstlane Singapore

However, taxis cannot stop if they break the road regulations or change the shifts you can see on the screen, or they will show a roadshow indicating where they are going and will only collect them if you are driving to the same location. - Taxis: Taxis can be found in the offices, CBD hotel and so on. You will also find instructions on the taxis to safely call a cab, making it easier for you to contact the cab and be called.

Reservation MaxiCab Singapore - 4 to 13 seater 24 hours Hotline @ +65 3138 8148 8148 8148

VIP Mini Bus Plus option for executives or Party Bus for corporate and event use. Our aim is to ensure that our clients are brought to their destination in comfort, even on the bustling streets of Singapore. This is a very convenient way to travel, whether for a brief holiday in Singapore or a long holiday to Malaysia.

We take care of everyone, from your own event to a company event. There are no big dates for the USA! This 6-seat limousine is rented mainly for managerial duties, societal celebrations and parties such as marriages. Equipped with soft toys, luxurious seating and executives interiors, the CAB 6-seaters are designed to provide style and comfort for your customers and yourself onboard this exclusive Toyota Vellfire or Alphard Cabs.

On the way to your corporate event, meeting or workplace your customer will be feeling most well. In our 13-seater minibus you will find an individual cabin to give you, our esteemed customer, an unforgettable and luxurious journey. It is the most beloved by our costumers with transfer prices that are only a split more than the Maxi-Cab 7-seater.

If you book your 13-seat minibuses with us, we guarantee that you will be able to benefit from exclusive, flat-rate prices. The minibuses are fitted with Led TV for presentation and sockets for laptop, printer and more. Our latest addition to our range of exclusive yet accessible groupships, the BUS 13-Sater series is the latest addition to our range of exclusive business and event transfer services.

Your first glimpse would be of exclusivity and elegance when getting into our limousine busses in restricted series. Ideal for both amusement and commercial use, as well as for the adventurer, you could also choose to go for an upgraded to Partybus because all our limousine minibuses are PB-enabled. Just let our chauffeurs know about the necessity of a ceremony and open a bottle of sparkling wine on board after a successful meeting or meeting with your customers.

The Singapore Partys BUS offers a novel travel solution through the Lion City, known for its varied nightlife. Let yourself be enchanted on the way to your favorite club or pub in your wake. Come in stylishly and make a big impact at corporate dinners, marriages and big locally held gatherings like Zouk Out.

One-way or 2-way urban transfer as well as one-hour bookings are available. Amaze your friend or your loved one at any occasion, be it a birthday, stag night, hen night, corporate events or just a little bit of fun.

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