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Learn why you should experience the Northwest with Derry City's friendly and reliable taxi company. Edinburgh City Cabs Ltd - Homepage At 3am two of your riders canceled me via the application at 3am within 10 min without a no...tification and then tried to call your third rider via the application on 3 opportunities, confirming that I had done it, I got a call when I came home 15 min later and said he had come.

Let me tell you the story, both your operator and the switchboard, and how I (again) tried to void the app:

Call your local dealer (currently not available) 3 x and let them tell you that your rider is eligible and that the other riders had to go home because "it was late". So after I informed your call center I was supposed to have a good one. City taxis.

Friday evening of January 26 we reserved a 6-person taxicab.

45 o'clock from Time Twisters Play Centre on Bankhead Drive in Edinburgh, but it never made it. It was said that the rider could not find Time Twisters and was on another road awaiting us. So we spoke to the cabbie and tried to tell him where we were and that he was sitting on the fake road with a similar name, the cabbie said he would find us.

So we waited, but after some delay we called the offices again, just to be told that the chauffeur had gone without even telling us. One of the ladies from the offices book another cab for us and the second cabbie found us without any problem. It took us a cab to get back home quickly and safe, but it took me and two children 45 min to get home on the road freezing cool and gloomy (the play centre was already closed so we couldn't sit inside), it was a very poor one.

It' hardly to believe that the first City Cabs cabbie couldn't find a place as big and loved as the Time Twisters Play Centre, especially with a place name, full postal code and full adress. It' s even more difficult to believe that the first cabbie made us wait on the road because he knew he wouldn't come to get us and he didn't even inform us!

This was the second disappointment from City Cabs and we didn't want to use this firm anymore. At 1:00 this morning, we got a cab for 6:15. We' re informed that it is possible that the cab would arrive earlier. Uh, we phoned at 6:15 to make sure it was on its way...y. We were warned by an owner that he couldn't find a proper cab.

Taxicab came 35 minutes too late and didn't know it was for a handicapped person.

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