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I' m Drake and this is my flight duty located in Haines, Alaska. Throughout the year I am living and working here at the gates of Glacier Bay National Park. Explore world-class Glacier Bay flights from Haines and Skagway Alaska. The Glacier Bay and surroundings are breathtaking and offer first-rate views.

If you are booking a Glacier Bay air journey, fly with me, Drake, in one of my two planes. I have been in this area for 19 years, and I have walked, clambered and ridden through the nearby hills, a standard no other pilots can match. Please be aware that the coloured routes do not represent real routes, but the general limits for the corresponding routes.

Every aircraft has been converted and is serviced according to FAA regulations N43AK 206, photograph taken by Fred Hirschmann, released in "Bush Pilots of Alaska", Remote Glacier or Beach landing are available and unbelievably cheap. Alaska Haines charter flights: Fly with Drake?

To start the trial, please read the skiing and climbing page or the FAQ page. Fly with Drake? Visit our FAQ page for all glacier flight related information in Southeast Alaska. Feedback failure! The causes could be: (1) No information found for the RSS reader; (2) There are no articles available for this reader; (3) The RSS reader is not validated.

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Flight sightseeing in ?kagway

visa hi skagway, hear me out! Here is the direct information about the plane that flies from Skagway: Watch the National Geographic movie to get an impression of a normal trip with me. A Glacier Bay sightseeing flight: Gletscherbucht sightseeing flights from Skagway Alaska. Skagway Alaska is very simple to use. Berths, planes, trains and the city of Skagway are all in block distances from each other.

Alaska Glacier Bay and the nearby Haines and Skagway areas are rich in rugged mountain ranges in an unspoilt fiord landscape that is truly stunning. The Skagway air traffic control service begins at the top of the Inner Arcade of Southeast Alaska. From Skagway Alaska we descend the Tiaya Bay fiord and cross the city of Haines.

Flying southwards to the Chilkat Mountain Range or to the Takhinsha Mountains that invade Glacier Bay National Park. Alaska' s Glacier Bay National Park comprises over 3.2 million hectares of conservation area, consisting of rapidly retreating glacierized area.

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