Air Taxi Colombo to Galle

Colombo Air Taxi to Galle

Colombo International Airport and the most picturesque places on the island. Visit of the Fort Galle Fort Journey to Galle and indulge in the picturesque charms that the memorable Galle has to store while strolling through the paved roads of an old town. Renowned for its charming mix of cultural and traditional, A Galle is full of classics reminiscent of a past time - a beautiful selection of meticulously conserved Dutch-colonial properties awaiting exploration.

It is with this fanciful backdrop for infinite viewing of the sights of Galle that the famed enclosed town of Fort Galle, which has been powerful since the beginning of the 16th centuries, merges. Walking along the historical paths of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will perhaps see one of the most fascinating walks where you can see local people jumping into the sheltered water or watching the sun set at the southern end of the fort.

Within the wall there are splendid monuments that radiate an old charme, such as the Dutch Reformed Church, the Lighthouse and the Historical Villa, which show invaluable objects of Colonial Heritage. Exploring the Galle is not complete without visiting its beautiful surfing shores from Ahangama to one of the more remote jungle seas.

From Colombo, Galle is within easy reach and only a short ride from the neighbouring seaside cities of Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna.

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Columbos to gall bladder. Columbos to gall bladder. Hello Natasha, Booking Air Taxi is a kind of a " Miss and hit ". Please be aware that Colombo is currently Peliyagoda, at least one hours by car from Katunayake Internacional Airport and also about one hours from the Fort (city center of Colombo). They' re working on a waterland route near Katunayake.

From Colombo city by car at around 8,000 and from the airports at 9,000. Columbos to gall bladder. Columbos to gall bladder. Columbos to gall bladder. Yeah, good connection to the cabs. However, for basic transfer there is also a taxi from the airports counters which would offer about the same fare.

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