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View verified Azul Airlines customer reviews, view Azul Airlines photos, review customer reviews and opinions on Azul Airlines standards. Use Azul Brazilian Airlines web check-in feature to quickly print your boarding pass from home or office and go directly to airport security. JetBlue founder and former CEO David Neeleman brought his concept to Brazil and built Azul, a local airline.

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No-show fee = $300.00; No-show fee = $150.00; No-show fee = $300.00; Non-points collectable; No-show fee = $300.00; No-show fee = $300.00; Non-points collectable; Baggage 3 32 kg sachets per client; No-show fee = $150.00; No-show fee = $300.

Checking in and board-ing priorities; baggage 3 pouches of 32 kg each per client; cancellations and changes in fee = $200; no-show fee = $300. Flexible every single working days; No cancellations, changes and no-show charges. Reversal and alteration fee = $ 70; No-Show fee = $ 120; For U, UU, V, W, X, OO and Zone categories, the alteration fee is $ 70).

Cheapest available fares; cancellation and exchange fee = $70; no-show fee = $120;

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Curitiba to Lisbon via São Paulo and have to stop in São Paulo Guarulhos (Brazil), and I had to drive for my next plane to Viracopos. Viracopos, São Paulo" was written on the tickets, but is located in Campinas, 90km from Guarulhos. I' m asking Azul to organize a free shuttles between the two airports because it was so hard to know how to do it.

An employee of Azul told me to take a taxi, 150 reach / 30-40 for this one. Ask Azul Airlines, it would be great for the next few folks to have a free shuttles between Guarulhos and Viracopos if a tickets match this two airports. However, the carrier will not provide you with information about this Directive on the website.

You canceled our trip without giving a cause. Lets us queue for long periods, take the coach to another departure and then the destination requires a 2-hour shuttle. Our client services were terrible. Our first plane was delayed and we thought we would miss our second plane, but the crews came together with us and other delayed passengers and accompanied us on a quick trip to our next plane, so we didn't walk around the terminal looking for the gates.

We' re looking forward to reinstating Azul! Lisbon to São Paulo. This is the baddest carrier I've ever seen! Checking in does not work on line, 20 phone calls until someone leaves your support. Trip with our Lisbon Bus Company to São Paulo/Campinas. There were also two budget cuts between Sao Paulo and Rio.

The First São Paulo/Campinas is a giant haunted airfield 100 plus kilometers from São Paulo, so we had to spend more than an entire time waiting for the next coach to get to the main city, which took another 1 additional minute and 20 minutes plus cab to get to the resort, probably 3 additional minutes to the finish. There is no commercial point in using this aerodrome as a hubs.

The problem is the poor quality of our 10 hours services on our 10 hours Buses. It' the wait, you get a snack and then the Stewards leave for the remainder of the day until morning just over an hours before approach. It was a day trip that crossed only two timezones.

Paying tens of millions means you get better value than in business classes. Don't be cheap, Azul, and get away from the plane. Belo Horizonte to Fort Lauderdale via Sao Paulo. I got a fare in July 2017 to return to the United States in October 2017 and then modify that fare for March 2018 with an outstanding timetable and extra costs of $427 dollar.

Then, I was informed by the aerodrome that my plane was modified for the same date with a stop at the aerodrome Viracopos for 12h. Complaining to the carrier, they couldn't do anything that I find unexplainable, and today, February 2, I get another e-mail saying that they want to modify the ticketing again and that they are staying from 9:35 to 11 am.

4 pm in Viracopos, about 14 hour wait, which regarded an abuse as a passenger and offers no offset or explanations for the modification. Think it says the initial trip will be nullified by providing a very late-evening trip or a RRL200 coupon. There is no sensible option in Azul.

The Azul are terrible not to consider using. We' ve reserved to take Azul from Brasilia to Belo Horizonte next Monday via her website in German, which pays in US dollars. You sent me an e-mail in Portuguese, I assume the plane was canceled. They say we have to take a plane ride later in the night or get 200 BRL vouchers.

They have a 09:35 a. m. plane, which would be okay, but they didn't give that as an optional. Just back from a brief journey from Curitiba to Sao Paulo Congonhas and I have the feeling that I have to recognize the endeavors of Azul Airlines that really go the Extra-mile.

Whilst I generally consider Brazilian aviation to be a high level, Azul has a feeling for sophistication, employees who really seem to get a thrill out of their job, and the impressive speed of luggage reclaim. Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon via Viracopos. My on-line reservation has magic reserved a connection which starts before my return journey.

From Rio de Janeiro SDU to Viracopos/Campinas, the inland stage was comparable to an intermediate one. The bag control was fine, no priorities for B.C. with pouches sent all the way to Lisbon. Viracopos was confused by the lack of signs. Full seat flats of the Bus Division were very comfortable, the cushions were neat and smell good.

The meals were medium, even on the waters no seconds were given. Kaffee only on request, but the cabin attendants disappeared immediately after the end of the wait. Rather like economics trade than full trade. The conversation was fine in the air, but I could manage with noise-suppressing telephones. Azul' support was wasted. Also after it came later on a Salvador based trip by tape, we were informed in written form that it was not their issue and that we should have a resolution within the next 5 workdays.

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