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Online Air Lanka Reservation

Celibacy is the first airline in the world to suspend flights to Hong Kong from October, SriLankan Airlines said today. Busses are available; reservations and ticket sales in Colombo City. To purchase an international flight ticket or change an existing reservation, please contact the IndiGo Airlines International Reservation Office. National and international cheap airline tickets for sale at the lowest price.

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Booking of flight fares from Sri Lankan Airline and Mihin Lanka. Reservation of holiday package deals organised by Sri Lankan Airline and Mihin Lanka. To buy the Mobitel pass, you must go to the nearest Mobitel point of sale. 1,265 Call costs : Default airfare. Customers are granted a respite to buy the relevant fare.

Failure to buy within this deadline will result in cancellation of the reservation. Customers may cancel the contract at any moment by phoning the 1212 service line and making a query. For sending the SMS confirmations, the client provides a cell phone or landline number. The corresponding tax applies at the moment of purchasing.

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Can I buy Sri Lanka rail ticket? Sri Lanka Forum (Super Simple)

I am planing a journey to Sri Lanka this year in July. I' ve been said that rail journeys are fantastic and a must. I searched online, purchased 3 guides, but the information is either too dispersed or not complete. Here is my very short manual for buying rail ticket and some hints I learned while looking for information and I hoped it will help:

"Kandy to HAPUTHALE", you should take the "Kandy to ELLA "rain. "Haputhale to ELLA", you should take the rail "Haputhale to BADULLA" 6) My flight path FYI: Columbo --> Kandy --> Haputhale (sometimes as Haputale) --> Ella (sometimes as Elle) --> Taxi to Yala National Park --> Taxi to Mirrisa --> Taxi toombo.

7 ) Some tips I learned while looking for information:

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