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in 11 different destinations where you can get the lowest fare. GotBankingRates has reviewed the Fare Index 2017 and pinpointed the destinations you can travel to for the lowest fare (per 100 kilometres). South Africa, Portugal and Romania are among the 11 most important states. Malaysia is the best priced airport per 100 km.

Air fares may vary on a daily or hourly basis and are influenced by the evolution of the price of fuels and exchange rate developments.

It is therefore not surprising that the mean costs of departing airlines can differ greatly from state to state. In order to make it easier for travellers to find their way around the complexity of volatile tariffs, GOBankingRates has used the's 2017 Financial Index. More than 1 million aircraft were analysed by the airline to determine the mean fare for departing aircraft in 80 different destinations.

High and low season were taken into consideration in all flights and prices were verified for the same itineraries. Most of the top destinations in the country offering the lowest fares also provide the lowest prices in restaurant and hotel accommodation. In addition, several of these markets are offering competitive currency conversions, turning them into great deals for travellers who want to make the most out of their money.

In South Africa there are wonderful sandy and mountainous areas and its many and varied activities range from game drives to wine cellar trips. Most of the top features are also available at an accessible price - or for free. Overall, the cost appears to be relatively low in the state. In the first half of 2017 it attracted 12 per cent more tourist than in the same half of the previous year, although it pulled a 75 per cent high.

Well-known for its crystal-clear seas and extensive forest, Sweden also boasts lovely stretches of beach that are often not crowded when you consider that the total number of people living in Sweden is just over 9 million. Given the temperate weather of the Principality, it is no wonder that prices for hotels rise with temperature. Though it no longer boasts the cheap cellar prices that once existed, Thailand can still be the price-conscious traveller's daydream, especially for those who are willing to stay like local people.

Shop and road products, for example, are still extremely cheap. Phuket City's end-October room rates for a week-end in Phuket City averaged $39, according to Kayak, which also quoted at least a 3-star $12 accommodation for at least one room, which is a theft considering Phuket is known for its sandy beach and many other places of interest.

At the moment, the greenback is in a stronger position against the greenback, which together with low-cost air travel makes this already accessible country an even greater deal. In Indonesia it is both tropical and inexpensive. Offering adventures as varied as wildlife trekking when you can get a look at an orang-utan, or Mega Mall malls in places like the Grand Indonesia, which covers a grand area of 263,226m2.

Indonesia provides some high-end accommodations as well as inexpensive flight deals for those shopping in Indonesia. Romania is perhaps best known for the mediaeval cities and palaces where the Dracula legends were created, and also boasts cultural and nightlife venues, caf├ęs and paved paths to exploring. Despite the affordability of aviation here, the continuing threat of terrorist attacks resulted in the Foreign Ministry issuing a trip alert for Turkey.

The EU strongly encourages US nationals to "carefully consider the need to visit Turkey at this time" and to completely eliminate south-east Turkey. Built by Emperor Shah Jahan as a monument to his deceased at birth, it is considered by many to be the most attractive edifice in the whole wide sense of the word. Throughout the country there are cloisters, memorials and artefacts museum, 6.000 years old.

Situated near the city of Isperih, the Thursday village also has a three-chamber grave with well-preserved relief, works of art and grave goods from around 300 B.C. that can be viewed for an entrance charge of around US$6. Sofia, the state capitol, is considered the cheapest in the Europe Backpacker Index 2017, which was prepared by the Price of Travelling organisation.

Malaysia provides stunning sandy shores, luxuriant jungle and a vast wildlife sanctuary with a range of threatened wildlife - so low cost airline far from being the only good way to see this South East Asia country.

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