Twin Engine Aircraft for Sale

Two-engine aircraft for sale

Piston aircraft with several engines for sale. Two piston aircraft for sale Called from the Diamond Aircraft Serial Number factory: 42. n388 Reason for sale: P2006T is a lightweight twin tourer/trainer with a contemporary'glass cockpit' and is available in both personal and professional environments. Great Britain, Europe, for sale by Airtime Plane Trading Ltd.

Beechcraft E55 Baron with low engine hour, very good conditions inside and outside, Colemill singlets, pretex generator, EDM760, Aspen PFD,.... The new motors were installed in July 2018, total time 10 hrs. right 10 hrs. right 10 hrs....... It is a "unique" Turbo Miller conversion aircraft. Engine and prop are all 144hrs old.

Motor Specifications:Left motor - Lycoming TIO-541-E1C4SOH: 13:00 TBO: 1600Right motor - Lycoming TIO-541-E1C4SOH: 789:00TBO: 1600 Prop(s): HC -..... Great Britain, Europe, for sale by Europlane Sales Ltd. Both sides freshly reconditioned supports. Great Britain, Europe, for sale by Europlane Sales Ltd. Fantastic top aircraft in absolute mint condition. </ i>.

A RAM4 with AA charge air coolers and all option motors (RAM refurbished 2009) 2 x HSIO-520-NB (310 HP) TSMOH (RAM) 980/980 propeller (installed 2009)..... Pilot dreams of the Cessna 414. RAM VI motors 195/195 SMOH, 16/16 MPOH.

AROTRUST presents this gorgeous 421C Golden Eagle Annual Inspection in work. ALEROTRUST presents this wonderful Cessna 404 Titan. AROTRUST presents this wonderful Piper Navajo. United States + Canada, for sale by Frick Aviation Inc. It is an outstanding amount of Cessna 414 AW available with large amount of Cessna 414 modification finished in 2004!

The Cessna is in good shape with recent updates of a SID. The right engine will be reconditioned before shipment. Aircrafts IFR (WAAS) and Know International Certified LH Engine Rem. 300 h Last WAAS 1993 RH Engine Rem. 900 ed....... Prize JUST REDUCED IN AUGUST Fresh cheque and 200h SERVICES March 2018 Beautiful well-equipped Cessna 335 double engine Excellent whiteness.....

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