How to Rent a Plane

Rental of an airplane

Explore unique aircraft brands and models that can be chartered by local pilots. Locate an aircraft available for charter and contact the pilot to request a flight. Meeting the pilot at the local airport in the city, get in and take off. I' m in training, though. I' ve heard it's billed by the hour.

Aircraft owner - Would you rent your aircraft?

I have always been interested in aeronautics - when I was younger, I wanted to be a long standing pilote. Recently I started to deal with flying hours to get my personal licence, and was somehow horrified by the price of renting a plane, so I did some research and developed an ideas.

Of what I have collected, hiring an airplane for lesson can be anywhere between $100-120 per lesson per hours, and it will cost only about $50-$60 per lesson in varying cost (costs that are higher the more you fly) to operate that airplane, taking into consideration aviation fuels, oils, maintenance, and all the other varying cost.

Possessing an aeroplane usually doesn't seem to be very convenient, as it often causes about the same expense (or almost) as hiring an aeroplane. This is a website where plane operators can rent their airplanes to drivers who are looking for airplanes to rent. A plane operator could rent the plane for anywhere, what it takes to operate the plane ($50-60), and the usual rental fee ($100-120).

It would enable the pilots leasing the plan to reduce their rental expenses by 25-50% and it would enable the plane owners to earn an revenue from their plane in order to help with their firm operating expenses (loans, insurances, hanging garages, etc.), thereby lowering their operating expenses and making it more economical to own an plane.

I' ve calculated - as an airplane operator you could still keep 80%+ of your airplane availability throughout the year and lower your fix cost by up to 50%. Airplane owner: Will you rent your plane? If you could cut the cost of hiring an airplane by 25-50%, would you consider hiring an airplane from another airline driver?

Mathematics works, but I know that there would be other misgivings about how well the plane would be taken good care of, how sure it would be to go flying, etc., that folks would have. This website would need validated ID's of each pilots and aircraft owners, and there would be a peer-review system to make sure everyone is sincere and reliable, and to sort out those who don't want to take good care of your aircraft, etc.

Due to security reasons, each pilots could be obliged to load their pre-flight controls etc. when hiring the plane, so that everyone can see the story of the plane for those who hired it before them. There are also certain security rules that must be observed when hiring out aeroplanes (e.g. certain inspections) in order to further guarantee the security of the aeroplane.

Now I am neither aircraft operator nor driver (although I intend to be both in the future), so I want the opinion of your boys. If you think it would be a good thing to use such a facility if it could help you saving yourself tens of millions of dollars a year, and what your misgivings as a subscriber of such a facility would be, please fill in a few blankets and tell me.

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