Flying Alaska Airlines

Fly with Alaska Airlines

This was my first flight experience with Alaska Airlines. I would recommend Alaska Airlines after the flight on this flight. How does it feel to be flying with Alaska Airlines?

In April, when Alaska Airlines said it would buy competing Virgin America for $2.6 billion, I was destroyed. From the violet atmosphere lights to the memorable in-flight security footage (seen over 11 million copies on YouTube), I like everything about flying with Richard Branson's Aero. WalletHub just appointed Virgin America the best overall company to deal with cancellation and delay, discomfort and on-board comforts.

It is not clear which parts of the Virgin mark will be incorporated into Alaska Airlines after the fusion later this year. However, after the appearance of the latest client Q&A that Alaska Airline recently received, the supporters are flipping out. During a recent journey from San Francisco to Seattle, I was flying Alaska Airlines (not because I wanted to, but because there were no Virgin America flights).

This was my first flying experience with Alaska Airlines. check-in at the newsstand and had to register twice to get a suitcase label and a crew card printed. Not a light atmosphere like Virgin's. Unfortunately there was no Inflight entertainment screen - just an Alaska Airlines magazine.

One of the cabin attendants explained the security notices. Well, it just wasn't the same as the Virgin in-flight videotape. It was a common plane itself. When I flew back I made the decision to try the Alaska Airlines application, which can be downloaded for free. My application was clearly designed so that I could easily find my passport and my dates.

Actually, I could order dinner for my flights a whole week before. It was easy to use, similar to the one Virgin America made. There was still no amusement screen, but later I found out that you can streaming films and TVs to your own home via the plane's WiFi networking.

Every chair was fitted with a socket - something I can find on any Virgin plane. On my second trip I took the first one in my work. Virgin America offers high class travel with constant value. At Alaska Airlines, I don't know what to look forward to.

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