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The booking class is printed on the ticket and indicates the service class on the reservation. Ticket booking for Jet Airways. Jet Airways at the App Store Join the Jet Airways iPhone application! Journey intelligently now and keep in touch with the brand new Jet Airways Mobil application. It''s a safer and more reliable way to smoothly schedule your journey, find the cheapest rates, register, check in your air ticket information, find promotions, make reservations and administer your JetPrivilege accounts.

Well, then you go to book a flight, administer your reservations, etc..... it then asks who you are... give me your number.... please login..... then usually the mistake comes along.... mistake can't find your number....

This site is slowly, disconnected, .... therefore compelled to use a tourist agency every single times I want to use my log-in number ....... When it comes to redemption of points or accolades, just let it go... just let it go... it will give you a phone number at the end... let it go.... Terrible airlines application that never allows you to successfully sign up even in the latest release and just shows a launching jet screen options to start the webrowser.

It' s better to completely delete this application so that travelers only like to use the web site or tour operators. Many low and low priced carriers even have better applications than these full fare carriers, which run very profitable but have very poorly functioning applications and even provide support when it comes to making a call for services.

Jet Airways (India) Ltd. copyrights © As many as six members of your household can use this application if sharing is activated.

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The booking category is imprinted on the booking and indicates the category of services on the booking. Miles are not deducted from travel miles for travel reserved for other booking categories not mentioned above. Affiliate carriers may modify the demarcation rate and booking category considered for demarcation without prior notification.

Deferral percentages are calculated on the basis of the permitted booking category on the day of embarkation. Therefore, deferral percentages may vary and there may also be cases where miles are not collected.

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