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International Routes by Jet Airways

We are a major Indian airline based in Mumbai. Airways (9W) - Read Reviews & Book a Flight Disadvantages: From the moment you enter the installation if the baths have not been washed. DURING HALF OF THE FLOW, THE TOILET PAPER RAN OUT. AT THE BEGINNING OF THE FLIGHTS, OTHER AIRLINES OFFER A PRINT MENU AND A WARM TOWEL, AND NO TOWEL WAS PROVIDED FOR THIS PARTICULAR JOURNEY. Our plane arrived ahead of schedule and we got on and off the plane on schedule.

Disadvantages: The members of the team were in a rush to collect the garbage immediately after having served the café. They were very cooperative, kind and alert. Disadvantages: The meals on this particular trip were fine. Nice crews... great dinner.... Disadvantages: entertaining choices that are not the best.... Disadvantages: Long waiting time n time.but, I would say, that was denied when we arrived half an hours earlier.....

Large choice of entertainments and good meals. Exceptional flying crews, aerial and surface services. Disadvantages: Not the most cushy seat, but otherwise no greater discomfort. Magnificent meal, courteous team. Disadvantages: I was billed for the additional kg, as per ticketing 23 kg of luggage is permitted on each ticketing, but Jet Airways billed me an additional amount on each piece of luggage, which cost me another 7500 INR at Delhi this year.

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Vinay Dube, the new CEO of Jet Airways, intends to take full benefit of the Indian economy's strength and the boom in flight traffic. "If you look at all the Brexit sceneries that could pay off, there is nothing that would affect relations between Britain and India, to the point where it will cause Jet Airways much ache.

" Vinay Dube, Jet Airways' new Chief Executive Officer, has just come back to India after three centuries of working outside his home market at a period when the country's economy is expected to grow and the airline industry will grow over the next few years. In August, he was named to the position after more than 30 years working in the U.S., Europe and Far East for American Airlines, the Sabre company and most recently Delta Air Lines in the Asia Pacific area.

India's GNP outlook for the remainder of the ten -year period is projected to gain pace, with the actual 6.3% per annum output increase to 7.5% per annum by 2019-2020. "India's air travel has the kind of numbers that make any other nation jealous," says Mr. Dube during a London trip to commemorate the start of a third day of flights from its main Mumbai hubs to Heathrow, Europe's most busy city.

Not even the July launch of a new Goods and Service Tax (GST) on international travels by the GOI seems to have curbed the rate of expansion of airlines like Jet Airways - at least not yet. In order to meet this expected rise in market demands, Jet Airways is planning to launch 150 new narrowbody jets over the next five years.

"We' re going to be doubling our order for 75 planes - hopefully we will be closing another 75 with one of the major jet companies and hoping to do so before the end of the business year on 31 March," Dube states. Mr Dube aims to increase Jet Airways' annual production rate during this time by around 10%, which he acknowledges is not as rapid as some of the airline's major rivals in the business.

"This includes local economic development - the India markets are increasing and the local markets are flourishing. While we will remain involved, there will also be an aspect of capacitive constraint. Despite the vibrant character of the India markets, it seems that Mr. Dube is clearly careful when it comes to fast expand, as is his long distance expand strategy.

In addition to the additional flights to Mumbai and London, which started on 29 October, Jet Airways has been operating two further routes in Europe since the start of the present wintry season: from Chennai to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Bangalore to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. "That'?s quite a bit of storage space, so the top thing is to get it absorbed and make sure it works well over the next 12 months," Dube says.

"You will also see over the years that we are looking at the UK and Europe with targets for expansion. When asked by Routes News whether he would consider launching services to other UK non-London destinations - Jet Airways is currently operating from Heathrow to Mumbai and Delhi - Dube acknowledges that there may be a way if there is sufficient traffic there.

There are many Indians living in these places, as well as beautiful colleges in other parts of the UK. As a significant part of its EU capability flows into London, is Dube worried about the implications of the Brexit trial, in which the UK will leave the EU in 2019?

"If you look at all the Brexit sceneries that could pay off, there is nothing that would affect relations between Britain and India, to the point where it will cause Jet Airways much ache. "The third trip from Mumbai to London shows how close relations are between the two nations - Britain and India.

Jet Airways, as in the remainder of Europe, continues to concentrate on expanding its alliances with airline companies such as Air France-KLM, where it uses the Paris and Amsterdam hub of these two companies to link up with other major routes in Europe as well as with trans-atlantic connections. In addition, Jet Airways is entering into another trans-atlantic alliance with Aeromexico by entering into codeshares on routes to Heathow from India and Mexico, respectively.

The expansion of these alliances is part of Jet Airways' global reach, as the carrier expands its code share agreements with China Eastern Airways. What do all these increased partnership deals with other carriers mean for Jet Airways' relation with Etihad Airways, which holds a 24% stake in Jet?

Will this lead to difficulty or possible conflict of interest for the company? "Dube emphasizes, I don't see any problems with that." "Looking at Jet from a global perspective, both relationships are and will remain highly advantageous for Jet. They' re all creating a more powerful Jet Airways and that can go on. Since most of the signs seem to point in the right directions for Jet Airways' growth, it is not strange that Dube is bullish about the next few years.

Despite fierce competitive pressure in the Indian aerospace industry, Jet Airways is not considering moving to a low-cost servicing mode. Celebrating 25 years in 2018, the carrier will, according to its new Chief Executive Officer, remain focused on providing a higher quality of passenger experience than its rivals.

Mr. Vinay Dube, who took over the management of the company last year, said that Jet Airways would not change the low-cost carrier approach. "He says Jet Airways is known for its commitment to quality services and a love of detail. "We' re doing everything we can to encourage and maintain this kindness and welcome and find ways to enhance this consumer environment.

This is not for us, we will primarily be competing and continuing to be competing on a sophisticated servicing base. Teaming up with Air France-KLM, Jet Airways has entered into an "enhanced" collaboration contract to facilitate access to trans-atlantic flights and other destinations in Europe via Paris and Amsterdam. Since 2014, the two groups have been working together and already have an established code -share contract in place on routes between India, Europe and North America.

It will improve services between the three main European countries by adjusting timetables at Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol airport and at Jet Airways base in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. As a result of the enhanced arrangement, a single integrated grid with 106 targets in Europe and 44 towns in India will be created.

Jet has also just added 12 more code shares on Delta's inland routes in the USA. Vinay Dube, CEO of Jet Airways, said to Routes News that part of the airline's policy was to provide more code share and partnership destination services in Europe and North America by linking via the Paris and Amsterdam hubs.

"He says we should be able to achieve 20 to 30 goals in Europe and 20 to 30 goals in North America. With the opening of new routes from Chennai to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Bangalore to Schiphol in October 2017, Jet Airways has reinforced its position at both major Europe airports.

Meanwhile, KLM also launched a new Schiphol-Mumbai line on 29 October. In the 2017-18 season, the three carriers offer a total of 64 departures per week between four India- based cities - Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai - and Paris (33 departures per week) and Amsterdam (31 departures per week).

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