Flying Spider

A flying spider

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Find flying spiders - and they can control in the mid-air area.

A few spider tropics can travel without the use of satin and make virtuous diving trips to close logs, researchers have noticed. It is an unanticipated gift for spin sters who have no story of flying or flying wing, say scholars. "We really didn't anticipate that the sliding behaviour of a spider would glide," says Stephen Yanoviak, a research director and tropic arthritic colonist at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

Behaviour may have developed because logs are a far better place for a spider than the ground, an unknown area populated by animals looking for a snack, he says. For years, Yanoviak and his co-workers have been searching for precise gliding bugs. Dropping a creature from a great altitude.

However, the first few attempts by the squad failed. In order to catch the flopies for the new experiment, Yanoviak and his crew clambered on top of trunks in the jungles of Panama where they clambered on trunks and threw polyethylene bags over all the tarantulas that betray themselves by scurrying away. Researchers collected more fluffy animals in the rainforest of Peru, where the footpaths high up in the roof of the treetops made it relatively simple to collect cobwebs.

They then powdered their volunteers with luminescent powders to make them easy to spot and prevent the spreaders from sticking to the inside of their containers. Afterwards, in the woods of both nations, the researchers let the spreaders fall from a hight of 65 to 80 ft (20 to 25 meters) above the floor.

Yanoviak warned, however, that it is not certain whether the movement of the legs actually controls the air movement of the airplane. This paraglider of the Flatties also impressed other researchers who are not participating in the new research. "These results are indeed a surprise for a spider," says Marie Herberstein, behavioural economist at Macquarie University in Australia and publisher of the Spider Behavior series.

"In general, a spider relies on drag line satin... as a security cord when it falls," she says.

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