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We all know the sinking feeling of sitting at a computer and booking the last-minute trip home for the holidays. " Even if you feel happy, you're unlikely to make a last-minute deal. Normally, you now pay a handling fee to purchase a ticket personally at an airport ticket office, in addition to the normal fare.

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INDIEN - Are last-minute fares better than those offered on-line?

I come by car and am not sure of my arriving times at the destination, at least until a few working days before my appointment. Take-off and landing points are well linked by several carriers and several frequencies, and I have flexible flight times. Would it be better to search the reservation counter of several airline companies for last-minute take-offs than to book 24h before?

I specifically ask for India, but any help is welcome. It has been asked before and already has an explanation. Please ask a new questions if these responses do not fully resolve your issue. The checkout can offer a few things that the sites can't offer (especially complex itineraries), but for an easy round trip they use the same fares.

Normally, you now charge a processing charge to buy a ticket personally at an airline ticket office, in addition to the regular ticket rate. Browsing through other issues that require tagged airline ticket prices in lndia or ask your own query.

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