American Fighter Jets

United States fighter planes

The Chinese fighter jets are at least one generation behind the American fighter jets. The United States of America lists a number of operating aircrafts. The United States of America air force air force is a collection of air force air force air force aircraft used by the United States air force. See the United States Army Schedule for aeroplanes that are no longer in use. The AC-130 Stinger II, Ghost Rider, Spooky IILockheed & BoeingUSAPropellerGunship196835AC-130U, AC-130W et AC-130J.

The B-1B LancerRockwellUSAJetBomber198660Only ultrasonic bombers operating in the U.S. Air Force.

IIIMcDonnell Douglas later BoeingUSAJetTransport1995222U.S. Military C-17's were manufactured by McDonnell-Douglas before the fusion with Boeing. 1956218Most C-130H are used in the ANG and AFRES. O-15 EagleMcDonnell DouglasUSAJetFighter1976235212 x O-15C, 24 x O-15D. The plane, which is currently being retrofitted to stay in operation after 2030, will finally be superseded by the F-22.

The F-15E Eagle StrikeMcDonnell DouglasUSAJetMultirole Strike Combat Aircraft1988220Aktuell it is being updated to stay in operation after 2030. Falcon-16 fight against FalconGeneral DynamicsUSAJetFighter19781017To be substituted by the F-35A. Raptor Lockheed MartinUSAJetFighter2005195[9]No longer in use. The HC-130 Combat King/Combat King IILockheed MartinUSAPropellerSearch and rescue299 x HC-130N/HC-130P. 19573126 trainer plane x U-2S, 5 x TU-2S. Transport104C-12C, C-12D and C-12F.

ItalyPropellerCargo aircraft6 Former air force airplane used by the Armed Forces Special Operations Command for military operations purposes. EO-5de Havilland CanadaCanadaPropellerElectronic Warfare, RC-12 HuronBeechcraftUSAPropellerReconnaissance83RC-12D, RC-12H and RC-12K. Destination GermanyHelicopterUtility34113 on order from December 2015. ItalyPropellerSearch and rescue14 Former Luftwaffe planes. 335 x HC-130B or HC-130H (1500 series), 22 x HC-130H-7, 6 HC-130J actively, 1 test, 3 in minus turkey rebuild, 4 under construction and in operation.

SpainPropellerSearch and rescue200918The HC-144A will be replacing some HC-130s. Until 2023, C-9B Skytrain IIMcDonnell DouglasUSAJetCargo/Transport2 Active2Scheduled will be superseded by 2 C-40A clippers. The F/A-18B HornetMcDonnell DouglasUSAJetCarrier-based Trainer4 Train, 3 Stored7Scheduled, to be superseded by F-35B/C by 2019. The F/A-18C HornetMcDonnell DouglasUSAJetCarrier-based Fighter60 Active, 12 Trains, 47 Stored119Scheduled to begin F-35B/C lighting II replacements in 2019.

The F/A-18D HornetMcDonnell DouglasUSAJetCarrier-based Strike48 Active, 20 Workouts, 24 Stored92Scheduled to begin F-35B/C replacement from 2023 onwards. The F-5N Tiger IINorthropUSAJetAggressor13 Planned maintenance until 2026. The UC-12W HuronBeechcraftUSAPropellerUtility6 Active6 is designed to substitute the UC-12F/M Huron by 2024. The UC-12M HuronBeechcraftUSAPropellerUtility3 Active3 To be superseded by the UC-12W Huron by 2024. The UC-12F HuronBeechcraftUSAPropellerUtility3 Active3 To be superseded by the UC-12W Huron by 2024.

The UC-35D CitationCessnaUSAJetUtility10 Active10 Planned maintenance until 2026. The UC-35C CitationCessnaUSAJetUtility2 Active2 Planned maintenance until 2026. Lockheed Martin liefert 300. C-130J Super Hercules". Air Force receives 300. C-130J Super Hercules. The United States Air Force. "U.S. Air Force expands BACN com relay biz jets operations in Kandahar."

"Air Force One President Jets to be built for Boeing." U.S. Air Force. The United States Air Force. Luftwaffe". Sikorsky Aircraft delivers the new UH-60M BLACK HAWK production helicopter to the USA". Cifuentes, Michael S. "Marine Corps will continue to fly with the Joint Strike Fighter program". F-5N/F Freedom Fighter | NAVAIR - U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command - Navy and Marine Corps Aviation Research, Development, Acquisition, Test and Evaluation".

The United States Navy Fact Files page contains fact files for USN crewed and UAVs. The United States Army 2010 Weapons System Handbook (PDF-Datei, 41. 6 mb) contains pages that describe U.S. pilots and Unaccompanied Personnel. The United States Coast Guard and Cutters page contains hyperlinks to pages that describe USCG crewed and USCGs.

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