Crazy Cabbie

Mad taxi driver

On air known as Crazy Cabbie, Lee Siegfried is an American DJ. You' re a crazy taxi driver who drives your cab at the maximum speed possible. You' re a crazy taxi driver who drives your cab at the maximum speed possible. Cracy Cabbie was born Timothy John. Love crazy taxi drivers!

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Lee Siegfried[1] (née Lee Anthony Mroszak on 11 December 1968 in Minnesota), known under the station name Crazy Cabbie, is an US DJ. K-Rock and is a former patron of the Howard Stern Show. Previously Mroszak worked for two twin city broadcasters and spent valuable times at the 92 KQRS Morning Show.

Mr Mroszak was sacked by the KQRS after faking a compartment, meaning that Brett Favre stayed at a Minneapolis resort with a different lady than his own. He began his broadcasting carrier as a regular phone user, known as "Cabbie" on the Andy Savage Show, and ran on Minneapolis' 93. As Howard Stern's Show came to the city, Mroszak switched to the KQRS Mornings Show, the highest ranked Minneapolis driving show.

KQRS' Mroszak increased his profile as a road journalist who took some of his audience on a trip through the city's live coke mart. Attempting to be disgusting, Mroszak made a "long distance report" claiming to have been knocking on the NFL celebrity Brett Favre's room front room when the NFL's Green Bay Packers were in the city for a Monday evening match.

Mr Mroszak said that he wanted to give Favre some Vicodin and a six-pack of beers, but instead found the fourthback with a bare woman who wasn't his woman. When Mroszak was compelled to hide, he finally confessed that the whole thing was a fiction. KQRS fires Mroszak on 3 December 1997 after his reputation has been shaken and Favre sues him.

The Mroszak was not forgot by his old boyfriend Cane (from his 93. 7 The Edge days) who took Mroszak to 92. 3 K-Rock (WXRK) New York to make his late show. to appear on the Howard Stern show. In the Howard Stern Show, Mroszak often discussed his airborne rifle duty during Operation Desert Storm, what happened during his time as a DJ for K-Rock and the many strange occurrences in his private time.

During his collaboration with the Howard Stern Show Mroszak competed in two fights. September 11, 2001, Mroszak phoned the Howard Stern Show - then one of only a few remaining airborne shows - and assisted in explaining that aircraft seen by Manhattan residents were U.S. Luftwaffe fighter planes sent on Manhattan aerial patch.

Mroszak had a return broadcast with his birth mom on January 6, 2003, who alleged that she had given him up for adopted baby because she could not finance raising him. After one year in jail for fraud, Mroszak was discharged from jail on 27 July 2006 and immediately went to Sirius Satellite Radio to see Howard Stern.

Mroszak replaced the Sirius Scott Ferrall station on August 15, 2006, which was on holiday. Mr Mroszak stayed a year in jail for fraud. Mr. Miller was detained after saying on November 9, 2004 in the Howard Stern Show that he had not filed a statement for many years and would not resubmit it until the U.S. administration cure his Gulf War syndrome.

In December 2004, Mroszak admitted that he was culpable of defrauding the German government and was convicted to one year in jail and ordered to repay his unpaid income taxes. He was arrested on July 29, 2005 at the Fort Dix, New Jersey Correctional Institution. The Howard Stern Show on February 27, 2006 reports that he was "recently" transferred to Devens at the FMC in Ayer, Massachusetts.

On 27 July 2006 Mroszak was freed from jail and on the same date showed up on the Howard Stern Show to talk about his experience in jail.

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