Boeing 747 Bbj for Sale

747 Boeing Bbj for sale

Take a look at the used Boeing which is offered for sale from all over the world. In-depth information, specifications, interior, fuel costs, features and pictures of the Boeing 747 8 VIP aircraft. At $550 million, it is the preferred aircraft for business tycoons.

The world' s biggest commercial aircraft, Qatar Amiri Boeing 747-8, is for sale!

An almost brandnew Boeing 747-8i from the Qatar King's House is now for sale. With only 436 flying hrs on time for 200 cycle, the plane is capable of carrying 76 persons in an ultra luxury cab. There is no mention of an offer prize, but the listed prize of an empty Boeing 747-8i is 370 million dollar!

In 2012, the plane in this case, which is the VQ-BSK in Bermuda, left the production line in Everett (WA) and took two years to be equipped with a VVIP cabin by Boeing's San Antonio (TX) Air-Servicecenter.

To sell: A royal family in Qatar 747-8

In case you are on the merchant for a used 747-8i, there is the Qatar 747 to consider you. You can see the 2012 plane, currently in Qatar Royale paint, on Boeing 747-8 is a wide-body airplane and the i extension means just continental, which means it is for passenger and not for freight.

The Qatar 747 has only 76 passengers and 18 crews. Usually this is called adaption. If the Boeing 747 is converted, the owner, buyer and agent call it the Boeing Commercial Jets (BBJ). The BBJ is the second of two in the possession of the Qatar King's House and is a commercial aircraft in name and position.

After all, the Kataran kingdom is a commercial one. Travelling around the world, prince and princesses manage their various real estate and investment portfolio. Qatar, the Gulf state of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt all parted ways with the world. Some may say that made ownership of a second billion dollars aircraft less appealing.

Is the Qatar 747 really costing a billion dollar? This means, however, that if the host families want to pay back one of their investments in the furniture, they have to resell it as BBJ. Qatari 747 has a capacity of 225,486 litres (59,567 gallons) of petrol. Suppose nobody bought the Qatar 747?

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