Last Minute Offers

Last-minute offers

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Last-minute offers

MAKE YOUR BEST BID AND DON'T WASTE YOUR HATTERAS-OLIDAY! Are you looking for a new way to make big money on your holiday home? Make your last-minute last-minute reservation (21 or less before your arrival) by following the following simple instructions and you can make tremendous cost reductions on your next trip to the lovely Hatteras Isle.

Then please review the guidelines below to create your quote and start saving! To place your holiday package with us, please complete these simple steps: Review the real estate calender of your choice to see if it is available for the appointments you are interested in. In order to create your quotation, please complete the following enquiry request below.

We will not present extra offers for other objects or week while your prior offers are still up.

While you have the right to make an offering on an available real estate, please consider the standard promoted prices before submitting your bid and option package; only sensible offers will be considered. Kindly notice that the VAT (12,75%) will be added to your quote. Cancellations must be made in full within 24 Stunden of receipt and are non-refundable in accordance with our cancel ation policies.

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