Planes in the Air

Aircraft in the air

Observe aircraft moving around the world in real time on a detailed map and get up-to-date flight status and airport information. ADS-B Tracking lets you track departures, arrivals and delays around the world. Main control allows the pilot to steer the aircraft into the air by controlling the attitude (rolling, tilting and yawing) and thrust of the engine.

One map of every passenger plane in the sky right now.


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Flagradar24 obtains information from the Federal Aviation Administration in the USA and the ADS-B system in other states. Approximately 60 per cent of the aircraft carrying passenger are fitted with ADS-B, so the card does not even show every single one. If you zoom out a little, you will see a crazy collection of planes over the USA and Europe.

This page will explain which plane you can see and which one does not yet have the ADS-B transponder: Joint aeroplane model with ADS-B tag displayed on Flightradar24: Joint aeroplane model without ADS-B tag displayed on Flightradar24: The main coverage of the US and Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

This is partly due to the fact that the site depends on about 500 ADS-B responseers on the floor to retrieve the aircraft information. Anyone with an ADS-B reponder is invited to participate, and you can buy your own recipient for a price from 350 to several thousand bucks.

What is the global aircraft fleet at a given point in orbit?

Let's look at various resources, the latest information on the FAA is that in 2016 they performed about 42,000 daily departures every year. Now, if you look at the number of traceable flight times per flight per hour, I used Aviation Edge's flight tracking information for many of my application.

As you can see, over 15000 flight are followed at any given moment. A further useful statistics is the estimate of the number of trips this year, which is 39 million, if you share it by 365 daily trips, there are about 110,000 trips per trip. To give you a better idea of where the planes are, take a look at the last picture.

The picture is from Flightradar24, another great way to follow your flight. This is not necessary, the flight is very well organised and offers innumerable security rules.

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