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Taxis in Whitby, ON with ratings, maps and contact information. Limo Airport City Car Taxi Service. Our head office is located in Whitby, North Yorkshire, and we offer a full spectrum of service for the area.

Our head office is located in Whitby, North Yorkshire, and we offer a full spectrum of service for the area. We offer our service throughout the UK, which includes airport transfers. Completely computerized for efficiency, our reservation and scheduling system is equipped with PDAs in the vehicle and GPS tracks to guarantee a fast and effective service.

Reservations can be made by phone, on-line or via our Android Vehicle Tracking application. There is also a text back service that confirms your reservation and informs you of the car detail when it is shipped and when it will arrive at the pick-up point. Our service is extremely workmanlike, with all our riders in possession of a current certificate of approval from the German Road Traffic Authorities (CRB) and a photographic ID.

Our large vehicle park includes limousines, station wagons, wheelchairs, minibuses and MPVs. Our prices are very competitively priced and our committed service is there for you 24 h rs a day, 7 d rs a w ay, 365 dr a year. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information on our services:

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We have been offering Whitby taxi transport for individuals and businesses for nearly 50 years, supporting transport to business functions, Toronto Pearson International Airports and downtown venues. Being a Whitby Taxi Service provider, we offer a range of taxi service options that include, but are not restricted to, collection from the airports, transfer to the airports, taxi van to the airports, Toronto International Taxi Service, luxurious urban taxi service, limousine service every hour, and on-site and off-site service.

As well as our retail customers, we also have more than 120 commercial agreements offering the same comprehensive range of commercial transport throughout the Whitby area, GTA and South Ontario. When you choose us for your Whitby Taxi service, it ensures that you get a day-to-day pick-up and drop-off service, that you can come to your meeting in comfort, that you can travel to Toronto inner cities without having to bother with your car park, that you can drive to the Airport with our additional baggage allowance, and most of all that you won't be sorry to choose a Whitby Taxi service that won't get through for you.

A visit to the application also allows you to reserve a taxi with just 2 mouse clicks, gain full control of a fares computer and be able to accurately estimate how much your journey will take before you ever set a foot in your car. Several of the extra features we provide with our Whitby Taxi cabin service includes competitively priced, reduced rate car rentals, professional clothed drivers in suits and ties, service to Toronto Pearson Airport including South Ontario Greater Area Airport, baggage handling, non-marked car rental, wheel chair service, package and pick-up service, option to have your hat and gloves serviced, and various hours and hours of service available on demand, both locally and out of the city.

Be it a custom shipping order or an administration request, we are confident that we can make your selection at Whitby Taxi Worldwide. For every journey you choose with Whitby Taxi cabin service, we pledge to offer you a convenient car, a specialist and fully qualified chauffeur and unparalleled service.

Go to the trouble of calling a Whitby taxi without even realizing what kind of service you could get. For more than 4 decennia we have been establishing ourselves, always offering the most competent service and giving our clients the assurance that they are in good hand.

Whitby Taxi Service is looking forward to showing you why we remain one of the best ranked taxi companies in Whitby and the area.

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