Getting a Taxi in Rome

Take a taxi in Rome

{\pos(192,210)}Our concierge was pretty good at knowing the best places to take a cab. About available in Italy? YEAH, IT IS SO! Uber is probably simple in your home state. The reason for this is that most jurisdictions will allow anyone to monetise their car into a taxi or limos.

About in Italy? You need a licence or permission to do just about anything in Italy. Licence for tour guides. In order to travel through Rome or any other town in Italy, you must be a NCC certified rider with an NCC-Medaillon.

Its about six month to get it, an examination and a few hundred dollars to get the driver's licence. As soon as you have received the licence, you must buy an NCC-Medaillon. It can range from 20.000? in a place like Calabria to 90.000? in a place like Rome. Therefore only NCC riders can register for Uber in Italy.

The good news is that you can use your UBER application in Italy for the rest of 2017 and the whole year 2018. {\pos (192,210)}The sad thing is, it could take a little more than you're used to. Nor do you have to inhale the tobacco fumes of a filthy taxi. It'?s kind of always about blacks.

About or taxi? When you choose between an over or a taxi in Rome, taxi driver will most likely tell you that over is unlawful and you may face a penalty. Italian taxi riders have earned a good name as rip-off tourist destinations, but the entire tourist industry is welcoming them with open arms! Your taxi rides will be a great success!

By far the best taxi application in Rome is Meintaxi. It' the same as UBER, but with a taximan. While it will probably be less expensive, the user experience is not as simple to use and involves the download of a new application and registration for the site. We have not yet arrived in Rome, but we will be updating this page if and when that changes.

Do not hesitate to unplug your smart phone and make a trip to Rome, Florence, Venice or just about any other place in Italy. While it may take a little more, most cabs will find a way to rob you anyway, so we suggest that you just end up with a Uber.

You can find tips for traveling by coach in Rome in our Youtube-Video! These are our most popular and useful apps for your holiday. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more Italy trip advice and inspiration. When I was an Italian-American, I always dreamed of relocating to Italy and getting in contact with my own origins.

So I tried, fallen in favour of the place and eventually stayed.

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