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Driving licenses for taxi or personal rental cars In order to use your car as a taxi or privately rented car (PHV), you must license it. You have several possibilities to submit your application, according to whether you will work or not: Do not add any personally identifiable or pecuniary information such as your National Insurance Number or your applicable bank account information. You will receive a return email with a reference to a questionnaire.

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Which companies can request a licence? Application for a taxi or rental licence

In order to obtain a personal rental driving license, you must: Council will carry out inspections to make sure that you are a suitable individual who can be admitted as a Privatfahrer. To view the full job submission procedure and request your license, please follow the above link. You should carefully review the following documentation explaining the Council's driving licence policies before submitting a driving licence application:

Registered riders must comply with a high level of health care that meets the DVLA Group 2 present-day health care standards for professional riders:

Taxicab drivers | Job profile

Taxis or individual travellers collect travellers and calculate fare to get them to their destinations as quickly as possible. You must obtain a taxi driving licence from your municipal registration office or Transport for London (TfL). When you are a London based personal transport operator, you must take out rental or premium cover.

Every license has its own terms, but you usually have to: They can work for a taxi company or be self-employed. According to the license you can be prebooked, waiting at an authorized taxi stand or picking up your passenger on the way. Their income depends on the amount of the tariffs, the number of trips and the working time.

Those numbers are a guideline for a driver who works about 40 workinghours a week in a big town. You will often pick your own lessons, but you will usually work in the evening and on the weekend. We could work 40 to 60 working days a fullweight. When you are working for a large taxi company, you can become a supervisory or management assistant in the dispatching centre.

It is also possible to switch to taxi licencing at a regional office. If you are a self-employed chauffeur, you can become a taxi owner and earn more income by managing a privately owned rental company and hiring other chauffeurs.

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