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Do you want to tax? Do you know the parada de taxis? Which is the nearest subway station? Taxis near the Colosseum. Taxis near the Trevi Fountain.

Geolayer: HK taxi ranks

You can use this level to display all taxi ranks around you in the Hong Kong SAR. Taxi services at intersection points (tunnel icons) only take you to the other side of Victoria harbor, but they only bill you once for the toll instead of charging you for the round trips.

Greens only take you to New Territories stops. The only way to get a passenger to his destination on Lantau Island is by using one of the airport's taxi services.


Throughout this brief guideline, I want to provide information about how cabs work in Cities skylines. Throughout this brief guideline, I want to provide information about how cabs work in Cities skylines. "Taxi services are a new feature that enables tourist and citizen to order cabs to take them to their destinations.

In principle, taxi cabs work very much like personal vehicles, but with the exception that they live in a warehouse and are waiting with racks for new people. Taxi cabs help especially tourist to find their way better in the cities and to remain longer in the cities, which leads to more revenue. "The taxi cab is made up of two buildings:

This is a depository from which taxi drivers begin their working shifts and to which they revert at the end of their working shifts. Taxi stand where they wait for client phone records. Taxi services enable tourist and citizen to order a taxi to take them to their destinations. Taxi drivers do not use public transport, they get inquiries from visitors and residents and drive automatic to collect them.

When a taxi doesn't have a new client in line, it goes to the next taxi rank to await a call when there's a working shifts on. A standard taxi only carries one person at a stretch. Every taxi goes through a work shifts, which consists of the transport of 10 people.

Every shifts can be suspended at any moment when there are no more seats to be picked up. Wherever a taxi becomes "available", it returns to the nearest taxi rank. If there are no stalls near, each taxi returns to its deposit. Taxi cabs are in the possession of one deposit and cannot go back to another.

Taxi waves can and will cause traffic jams because every car is not planned like a coach or rail to await the last one on a line. From a technical point of view, a taxi could sit at a stand and never finish its shifts. Taxi cabs seem to be associated with the day/night cycling and take more people in the middle of the morning than during the day*.

Lots of people seem to ask for them at nights. Once a passenger has reacted, he or she cannot be picked up by another taxi. Deposits will produce more taxi's if you raise the taxi bill. Raising the budgeted figure to 150% leads to a 25% rise in capacities. When you have 100 taxi's at your disposal, you can raise them to 125 for each deposit.

A standard deposit creates up to 25 booths (31 @150%), my large one up to 50 (63 @150%). A stand can accommodate 5 cars. Having a good relationship there and distributing enough stalls can significantly shorten the travelling times for taxi drivers who would otherwise go back to a depot, thus unnecessarily congesting your highways.

You should have 5 or more booths for each portfolio, unless you are planning to use the portfolio yourself in centrally located places. Remember, as already mentioned, that only taxi cabs in possession of a deposit can get into the deposit, while stalls can take all these taxi cabs. As each taxi goes through a long layer of 10 accidental passangers, I find that each layer takes on averaging about the same amount of each taxi (depending on your urban planning).

At one point, if you spawn 100 of them, at another point, 100 of them go back to their depository when their layers end. I think a ticker comes in 30 seconds or so before a taxi leaves again. Distribute your deposits and stalls evenly. Dependent on how you use them, I find that cabs don't really enhance car use.

Overall, I think taxi cabs are a funny complement to the pack that will certainly make your roads look "bigger", but if you're looking for the final transport answer, you'll probably want to look elsewhere.

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