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The EASA CS-VLA is the certification specification of the European Aviation Safety Agency for very light aircraft. With Victor it couldn't be easier to charter a very light jet. The list shows contents marked with CS-VLA Very Light Aeroplanes. A number of aircraft are known as Very Light Aircraft and are CS-VLA certified.

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The EASA CS-VLA is the certificate specification of the EASA for very light aircraft.... Launched in 2003 by the EASA (European Air Safety Agency), the Very Light Aircraft (VLA) aircraft approval scheme is designed to make it simpler and cheaper to obtain a full EU General Aircraft approval.

For aircraft that meet the following requirements, the somewhat stress-free certifying process is available: Most of the commercial pilot education is conducted according to the EASA CS-23 specifications, which also allow flights under IFRS and NFRS requirements. The CS-VLA in PDF file form. EASA's complete suite of certifying specifications.

Light aircraft - All aircraft brands

The latest in a highly respected range of aircraft, the Ventura, is the culmination of in-depth research by I.C.P.'s R&D department to meet the increasing demands of the aircraft industry for a bigger aircraft with more room and more capacity. Its behaviour mirrors its exceptional aerodynamic characteristics: very simple handle, great manoeuvrability with high-precision controls and manoeuvrability deserving of a warplane.

CTLS is the latest EASA certified evolution aircraft of the Flight CT family. Longer, deeper and slimmer, the CTLS was developed especially for the Light-Sport class and provides many functions to enhance the convenience..... Quicksilver's goal was to develop an aircraft that surpassed the ultra-light aircraft class and that would bring General Air Transport to the....

SPORTKREUZER IS USED INTENSIVELY FOR FLYING TRAININGS AROUND THE WORLD. SportCruiser is a two-seater all-metal aircraft, which is designed as a low-wing aircraft with cantilever fins and traditional tail unit. Ion 105 is a non-LSA version of the 100, with better travel capacity. Our company began manufacturing a new type of aircraft, the F109 low-wing high-capacity aircraft.

It is a classical all-metal 2-place with some special features: - composite contour of wings, with a very effective laminated profile. Featuring a unique collapsible hub in the middle of the body and collapsible cantilevers on each blade, the aircraft's overall resistance is minimized, so you'll have the most....

In order to extend the reach of the Europa XS, a three-wheel chassis was forged. Even though the rigid chassis raises a light resistance punishment, the installation of the optionally Speed-Kit minimizes this effect and leads only to a very small decrease..... Sonex Aircraft, LLC is pleased to announce its latest aircraft engineering project:

Learn more about everything you expect from a sports aircraft: Kitfox S7 Super Sports is the ultimate excitement to build and own an absolute funny and secure aircraft that is second to none in its category. Lightning Standard "Classic" comes with the Jabiru 3300 Motor forward packet bundled with the Jabiru 3300.

Lightning XS has a newly designed front hull construction that allows the designer to select up to 160 hp motors. Higher chassis for larger supports, larger breaks and 20 gal petrol tank belong to some of the characteristics..... Lightning XS has a newly designed front hull construction that allows the designer to select up to 160 hp motors.

Higher chassis for larger supports, larger breaks and 20 gal petrol tank belong to some of the characteristics..... Fewer forward fireside Available in Trike or Taildragger 4130 gearbox chromeoly alloy sheet metal weld body and stern frame selection of bent classical or RANS signed stern tube-shaped aluminium wings Punched aluminium fins aluminium sheet metal guide....

The Alpha Electro 2-seater electro trainer's power is tailor-made for the needs of flying school. AQUILA A211 is a compound aircraft with a twin motor, developed for cruise and practice. SCYLEADER presents a new midline aircraft, the SLE400, a fast, sporty, car-inspired aircraft with new functions such as a side-opening hood, an aggressively bonnet and an easy to manoeuvre festive train.

Scyleader is a two-seater high-decker aircraft made of fiber -reinforced plastic in single seater design. A three-wheeled rigid chassis with shorts and a steering front hub is fitted to the aircraft. Most of this airplane is intended for pilots.... Blackshape GabriƩl has been developed to provide operative versatility, convenient accommodation for the crews and excellent view.

Fitted with a state-of-the-art double control double glazed dashboard interior, it is able to perform at its best and to provide the best.... Design 2 Blackshape Prime A groundbreaking high-power, two-seater aircraft with a full composite chassis. ART OF DRAFTWORK ART INNOVATIONS ..... Full metallic aircraft designed with a demand for quick take-off and a quick land.

Another benefit of this high-decker is its high cruise velocity and the exceptionally high flying power for this class. Saaberwing is a new aircraft developed and constructed in response to many of the issues we have seen in the aircraft construction kits industry. We have taken several priorities into account in the development of this kits.

Meanwhile, the Aviatika-MAI-890 is a single-seater multi-purpose aircraft that unites the benefits of ultra-light and light-to-tradition. The aircraft is intended for use in recreational flying, flight touring, pilots education flying, airborne photography,.... The MAI-223 is a sequel to our professional ultralight aircraft design and construction approach with aerobatics capabilities.

Key differences are a much better output and the ability to deliver as a construction set.

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