Chartered Company Secretary

Secretary of the Chartered Company

Work as company secretary Who is a company secretary? The Company Secretary has a wide range of expertise - company legislation, financial affairs, government, strategic and company secretariat - and advises a company's management boards in these areas and supports the Chairman, Chief executive and non-executive officers. If you become a company secretary, you will have the possibility to work abroad.

What are the works councils? A number work for professionals or run their own business as entrepreneurs or small partners, offering paid office support to a number of customers. How does a company secretary work? Usually, however, responsibility is one of them: Lead the Chair and Executive Committee on their respective duties under the policies and procedures to which they are subjected and how these duties should be performed (Cadbury 1992).

Support the Chairperson in assuring the efficient and effective functioning of the Managing Committee. Ensure a good flow of information within the BoD and its Committee and between top managers and non-executive officers, as well as facilitate training and career support as needed. Maintain good relationships with stockholders and inform the Managing Committee of their view.

Develop and monitor compliance schemes to make sure that the company meets all relevant code, regulatory and legislative obligations. Responsible for institutions, personnel, insurances, investors relation, pensions management, offices and stock registrations (only for some company secretaries). How much can a company secretary earn?

FTSE top company clerks can receive six-digit wages and five-digit bonus payments. Compensation information from The Company Secretary Market Survey 2016-17 of the Core Partnership. The highest quoted group clerks made well over 400,000, a fistful outside the southeast, making much more than 200,000 pounds.

Can you be a company secretary? In our opinion, a corporate secretary's carreer is a good option for everyone who wants to:

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