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Name it and we will offer you the best price in the shortest time. Booking a helicopter for the wedding in Uttar Pradesh - We offer helicopters for rent for the marriage in Uttar Pradesh. What does a helicopter charge? Did you ever ask yourself, "How much does a helicopter pay? Actually, I'm sure many folks have been wondering about the costs of a helicopter.

Therefore I resolved to do some research and wrote this paper to give real guide values to how much a helicopter actually costs.

I' ll begin with the costs of a simple low-end helicopter and then work up to the more sophisticated and costly helidecks. I' ll concentrate on the costs of a new helicopter and can give a general estimation of the costs for used model aircraft, but of course this will differ according to sizes, prices and years.

Generally, the first thing to decide if you are considering the costs of a helicopter is whether you are looking for a two-seater or a bigger multi-person helicopter type. The Robinson is one of the most famous helicopter makes in the whole hemisphere. Though Bell Helicopter suddenly produced more choppers than any other helicopter manufacturer in the globe (although this was mainly due to the power of the B206 JetRanger), Robinson choppers are known to have lower purchase and operating costs and are generally more efficient without compromising overall performance.

The R-22 is regarded as one of the most fuel-efficient choppers in the entire planet and has a basic price of around 250,000 US dollars. Because of the low running cost of the R-22, it is often used as a helicopter for trainings. R-22 is a two-seater that makes it lightweight and very low inertial, so it can react extreme to input of flights controls.

The R-22 does not forgive pilots errors or inertia, however, and is therefore not advised as a helicopter for practice. Robinson's R-44 Raven line is a very favourite among flight professionals. It is argued by many that it is the best in the world for private property, regardless of price. There are four seating places and it is available in two different versions, the Raven I and the Raven II (although the Raven II is more expensive).

It' s also much more safe to use than " helicopters for practice " for many different purposes, but above all because it gives you a few more seconds to start the so-called auto-rotation (used for landing in case of motor failure), which can only be good. Costs: Bell's five-seater B206 JetRanger is another very beloved helicopter, both for civil and army use.

It is this type and all its variations that have kept Bell Helicopters at the level of the Robinson line. The R-44 costs much more, but is also slightly bigger than the R-44. Eurocopter EC120 is a very silent and convenient helicopter, but it comes with a price label that mirrors its positive features.

It is a relatively lightweight helicopter with five berths and a unique motor and rotator. In addition, it is implementing a number of crash-resistant seat and vehicle system solutions. So, finally, if you're interested in getting a helicopter, then look anywhere from $250,000 - $1,700,000 dollars, whether you want a small two-seater or want to walk all the way up to a five-seater.

Of course, there are many other things to consider (training expenses, running expenses, warehousing etc.), but hopefully you now have a good and real picture of the up front outlay!

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