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On you can now claim the financing of the airfare. Now CheapAir is offering payment for airline tickets on a per month basis.

You dream of a holiday, but don't have the money for the flight? From now on you can buy your flight tickets in montly instalments. has partnered with Affirm, a leading provider of airline finance solutions, to enable passengers to make three, six and twelve month purchases to recover their air fares. Once CheapAir has selected the flight, clients can make payment each month on the check-out page.

You must enter your name, e-mail address, road address, date of birth, mobile phone number and the last four numbers of your social security number in order to be able to carry out a loan assessment. Examination has no influence on the creditworthiness of a client. Interest on the loan is calculated on the basis of creditworthiness and is between 10%-30% APR.

According to the Weekly Credit Cards Rate Report, the annual interest rate on new online services was 15.19% on a weekly basis last weekend. According to CEO Jeff Klee, travellers receive authorization within seconds and there is no limitation on how many tickets you can apply for funding for. However, funding is only available for tickets costing $100 or more.

It is a new form of payments for travellers who do not have a major bank account or cannot pay for their travel. Mr Klee said CheapAir had been "aggressive" in introducing alternative payments to credits rather than debit-cards. "Everything that rivals major bank accounts, I think, is a good thing," he said. Although more and more travellers are entering the sky, air fares have fallen recently thanks to lower petrol bills and more aircraft throughput.

Air carriers have extended their services and started additional services due to lower fuel costs. According to AP Hopper's forecast, the price of airline tickets is expected to drop further this autumn, with home tickets falling 8.2% to $213 in October.

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