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Latest tweets from LA Taxis (@LA_TaxisLtd). The LA Taxi Cooperative, Inc., which operates as Yellow Cab Co., provides taxi services to residents, visitors and corporate customers.

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From August Los Angeles taxis will have a mandatory app.

Los Angeles taxi driver must use Uber-style e-hailing from August, as decided by the Los Angeles Board of Taxicab Commissioners last night. It is the intention of the European Union to work with already established personal taxis or to create its own taxis which will allow customers to call a taxi a la Uber/Lyft/Sidecar and obtain a certificate so that the driver has to comply with certain requirements (unlike Uber or Lyfts, public taxis are necessary to offer services to all, for example handicapped people).

It has not yet determined which applications or applications to use, or whether to allow flexibility in price setting, such as the famous Notorious Surge Price, which sometimes leads to crazy tariffs and always leads to complain. One way or another, the boarder could beat riders with a $200 per diem penalty if they do not use the application from August 20, according to Reuters.

Conventional taxis have struggled to hold passengers since the advent of car-sharing firms that claim to be radically different from taxis; because passengers can hang over apps and charge, they are also much more comfortable than normal taxis, especially in LA, where it is hard and not always legitimate to call a taxi on the road.

Ever since e-hailing appeared in LA, cab trips in the town have dropped by 20 per cent. In addition to looking at Flywheel and Curb, the boards are also thinking about the development of their own application. Messages will come as a relieve for those who are enjoying the comfort of Uber but are not a supporter of their kitschy commercial practice or rough draft backgrounds that have led to at least one terrible crossing from hell in Los Angeles.

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