Kit Jet Aircraft

Jet Aircraft Kit

The most modern kit aircrafts for those who want to travel fast with style and comfort. Viper Jet is a small, self-built jet aircraft of the Viper Aircraft Corporation. Evolution is a kit airplane and is assembled by the owner.

Raptor is an ultra roomy, pressurised, 5 seat, 62" broad cab, compound aircraft with a maximum possible 300 knot airspeed, capable of 230 knot airspeed at 7mph diesel or Jet-A. The Raptor is a very compact, 5 seat, 62" pressurised aircraft.

Raptor is an ultra roomy, pressurised 5 seat, 62" cab, 5.5" pressurised compound aircraft with a maximum possible 300 knot maximum cruising range of 230 knot at 7g/ph diesel or Jet-A. We' re going to offer a finished Raptor'At Cost' and finally offer the whole OpenSource program so that academics and companies can have open sources at their disposal to make enhancements and changes to how OpenSource works in the realm ofoftware.

By opening the Parts and Cell Manufacturing, Technical Assistance and Aviation Education divisions, we will enable businesses worldwide to stay competitive for your company, ensuring high uptime and low pricing. It also ensures that there is no point of single failure for parts, aircraft or assistance. It eliminates any possibility that the Raptor has no backup.

However, the'At Cost' retriever is the playmaker. Ultimately, we will provide a completed version of the original rack for about $130,000, with the aim of keeping this figure as low as possible. We still ship the rig with a complete gear set, MT propeller, fuel oil and all the good things we've chosen.

It' gonna be flying around a Cirrus for a split second. Now, we think the timeframe is right to deliver an aircraft that will be the catalytic converter for the solution of the declining airline pilots. The Raptor will not only offer the best value for your investment, but will also have a small operating expense in comparison to current design of this magnitude.

Driving around at 140 knots costs about $20 an hour. With 230 knot at FL250 it will still be about 35 $/hour. You don't have a pilot's licence? For those without a licence we offer trainings in your new aircraft. Since you will only pay for the teacher and the petrol, your licence costs only about $3500.

This is also less than half of what it would take in a pilot training center that rents an old Cessna. When you want to help us make the difference by making aviation funny and accessible, stand behind the Raptor and distribute the words.

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