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A Arizona-based CO2-neutral taxi service provider, Clean Air Cab was the second U.S. taxi fleet to use hybrid vehicles only. Cab taxi, Moncton, New Brunswick. Experts in the global provision of private Air Taxi charter.

Experts in the provision of private air taxi charter in the USA.

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Founded in October 2009, it is the first Beyond Green affiliate, L.L.C., to be an environmental conscious enterprise and to take measures to reduce the environmental impact of its operations while offering a dependable and competitively priced transport service[4]. It buys CO2 compensation and promotes afforestation by subsidising the growing of 10 rainforest trees per month for each cabin in operation[quote required] The CO2 mitigation in the atmosphere partner is locally based Trees for Tempe and globally based Trees for the Future and[6]. 7 Over 15,000 tree plants have been grown and counted since 19 October 2009.

Air Cab has a "Pink Cab" in which part of the tariffs will be given to Susan G. Komen for healing[8] Three more taxis were added in 2011 for Phoenix Children's Hospital, United Way and Arizona State University. December 2009 saw the sponsorship of the Pro Players Classics Charter Championship by Air Cab.

Air Cab is an active participant in Valley Metro's Adopt-A-Station programme to ensure the cleanness of urban railway station and promote the use of green transport. She is a member of Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce und der Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

February 2013 saw the entry of Air Cab One into the community and the signing of the Unity Pledge, which requires equal opportunities for all regardless of workplace alignment.

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These discounts do not apply to other reduced fares such as students, seniors, companies or outside the city. Look after your cab in a real world. Confirm for a different date and a different clock date. Prematurely target. Select your present Google Maps locations or type in a different pick-up point later.

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