Taxi and Airport Services

Taxi- and airport services

At Ollie's Taxi & Airport Service we are a full service transport company on Long Island with a fleet of vehicles to meet all of your needs.


Ollie's Taxi & Airport Services is a full range transport company with a pool of trucks to satisfy all your needs. We have a total of 85 cars in our vehicle park, including limousines, city cars, minivans and 14-passenger vans. Ollie's Taxi & Airport Services promise only the highest level of transport performance! Are you looking for a taxi in Nassau County or Eastern Queens?

Are you interested in a city car or limousine service? Ollie's Taxi & Airport Service is proud of its reliability and excellent service to our customers. So whether it's a visit to the food shop, a drive to the airport or a tour of the city... No journey is too long or too brief!

You' ve got the BEST support. I' m so glad I drove Ollie's cab. It is an intelligent, cost-effective and comfortable way to take full advantage of your transport needs while reducing the time-consuming process of tracing expenses. Using a company ledger, you can simply organize transport for customers and staff, airport pick-ups and drop-offs, last-minute delivery of documents or other transport needs of your company.

Taxi to and from the airport

Luxurious airport taxi services provide round-the-clock transportation from the airport to and from Abu Dhabi International Airport for those who arrive at Abu Dhabi International Airport. No matter which terminus you arrive at, you will find a dependable round-the-clock taxi pick-up and drop-off point that will take you to your ultimate destinations. The following sections will tell you which services you can use at the various kiosks.

You will find the clearly marked taxi office on the lower curb outside the arrival hall for Terminal 1 & 3. You' ll love it with these luxurious taxis: Toyota Camry measured cabs are available outside the arrival area of Terminal 2. Holders of a UAE Ministry of Social Affairs rebate ticket are entitled to a 25% to 50% rebate on the taxi price.

If you need further assistance with your taxi services, you can call Transport Abu Dhabi's Call Center on 600 53535353. In case you would like to buy a Privatlimousine, please contact one of our customer support counters and one will be set up for you.

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