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Do you need a taxi in Amsterdam? If you book a taxi in advance, no measured fares. Taxi taxi is authorized to pick up passengers anywhere in Clark County. Anywhere you want, we can go.

Reserve a taxi in Amsterdam

Reserve a taxi with just a few mouse clicks. Get a taxi with us! There is always a firm rate in front! It is easy to make a reservation for a taxi in the Amsterdam region: Pricing is set at the point at which you validate your reservation. Once you have booked a taxi, it is on its way to meet you within 10 mins ( Amsterdam City Centre ).

There are no start prices, no wait times and no kilometre prices if you reserve your taxi on-line or via the app. There is no need to take a taxi and there are no additional charges if the taxi rider has to make a roundabout trip due to congestion or roadblocks.

It'?s a flat rate, no surprises. At ? you can order a taxi at any turn of the road. You will receive a flat rate for your trip at ? ? Expected ETA of your taxi on site. It is possible to order and prepay your taxi in advanced. With the reservation of a taxi you declare yourself in agreement with the general trading conditions.

There is a flat rate for each reservation.

Download the Yellow Cab App .

You can use our application to call a taxi with your Android or Apple smartphone anytime and anywhere! You can use the application to follow your journey and the designated drivers and make bookings for your friend and relatives. With our on-line booking system, you can easily make a booking for an individual, company or federal account.

Call 317-487-777777 to talk to one of our call agent and make your travel reservation. Call centre staff are highly skilled and will be happy to help you with your transport needs. The taxi rate is calculated per metre. a pickup charge of $3.00. Indianapolis City Council determines our counter tariffs, which are $2.00 per kilometer plus $0.40 per minutes wait and $0.65 per extra bag.

For certain areas outside the town, there may be a travel charge, please call 317-487-777777 for more information.

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