Helicopter Charter Price per Hour

Hubschrauber charter price per hour

Pricecalculator helicopter cargo flights Select a SPECIAL tariff for the profession - No surprises ! Have a look at how much flying your order can take. Each of these costs affects the amount of a helicopter's flying hours needed to complete the missions. Helicopter transport of construction material may be quoted as a combined price of the single hours alone or the hours for the freight plus a specific amount for the transfer to the collection point.

If there is a 8-10 elevator missions or more, a fix fee is often charged for travel to and from the pick-up location. Most of the costs associated with the helicopter trip, however, are the hours you charge for the helicopter when you fly the freight. Hubschrauber have different capacities and price.

Helicopter' real flight in the air. This is used to calculate the amount of cover, the service lives of the main parts of the helicopter and the frequency of inspections. Technic air travel times are the times in the air and actually the times when the helicopter works for you. That means, in a shorter period of technological development times, the helicopter is moving when the helicopter is on the floor.

In addition, a stop and restart approach will result in a delay of 2-3 to 10-12min. Therefore this period is higher than the technological period and will be more expensive for you. You can use the price calculator. Just use the following link.

Hubschrauber charter costs in India

Everyday we get many requests from folks who ask us about the costs of helicopter charter in India and on which factor it is dependent. Today we are posting this article to illustrate the main reasons on which the costs of chartering a helicopter depend. Hubschraubertyp: The selection of the right helicopter model for the intended helicopter is very important in order to carry out the helicopter trip economically and efficiently.

Rental per hour for the helicopter is based on the hour and can range from approximately 65,000 rubles per hour for the Bell 206 helicopter to 3,75,000 rubles per hour for the top model multi-turbine helicopter. As a rule, a fee of at least 2 (two) Stunden per daily will be invoiced. The majority of airports in India impose landing and handling fees on choppers that operate from them.

Normally a one way stop at Delhi airport costs about 30.000 Russian crowns. Daily wait time: Normally helicopter owners do not calculate wait times of up to 2 to 3 hrs, but if the wait is longer, a wait fee of 20,000 to 50,000 RM will be charged, dependent on plane model, number of crews, helicopter position etc.

The fee is charged to cover the cost of deforestation, snowboarding and transport of the team. Overnight stay: This fee is charged to cover the cost of accommodation, meals and transport for the crews and depends on the number of crews and location. Transport of fuel: According to legal regulations, helicopters are obliged to transport petrol for the approximate duration of the journey + 45 min to successfully conclude the journey in case of delays or detours.

However, as the carrying capability is restricted, it may be necessary to move the petrol, the necessary gear and the engine driver by truck. These costs are charged to the customer. However, for regulatory and security reasons, it is necessary for the helicopter operator to inspect the helicopter landing pad, which is not an approved helicopter landing pad, to determine whether the helicopter landing pad is suitable for the nature of the helicopter operations and has the necessary infrastructures such as fire-fighting gear and health facilities.

As a rule, the costs for this are forwarded to the customer. In addition to the fees listed above, there may be other fees may apply according to the type of ticket.

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