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The purpose of this website is to connect people with flexible travel plans with private jet companies who have empty flights to win. New to the world of private jets, you may be surprised by the variety of options available when travelling by private jet. Luxury private jet rentals offer unique experiences, incomparable comfort and extravagance. Search for private flights, book a rental jet and pay on-the-fly directly from your mobile phone.

Sometimes the response is, and yes, you can safe yourself a lot of cash, but you have to be agile.

According to various estimations, 30% to 50% of the private jet charters are empty. In contrast to airline companies that plan airplanes and then sells seating without even realizing where airplanes are to be and how many persons are book to travel, private jet owners are awaiting to collect air travelers who are willing to spend up to $15,000 per hour to travel in them.

An empty leg is the outcome of flying an aircraft to collect a client who has chased the jet, in some cases the jet holder or a jet ticket client. On the other hand, empty leg is generated after an aircraft has been dropped by an aircraft operator or a full fare client and the aircraft has to return to work.

They sometimes show up after they drop off a client and then fly to another destination to meet the next client, just as an over-driver will accept a new client while he drops off his present one. Blank leg can come onto the markets from month to hour before your sailing hour, but usually a few working day in front.

One look at the website for Airstream Jets shows empty feet until next April. You' ll see how agents and owners market empty leg at 50% to 80% discount. Indeed, empty leg registration is an important advantage when registering for JetSmarter although, according to your member status, you will not receive the whole aircraft but a certain number of places.

The Jet Linx Aviation and Wheels Up partners are offering their clients a discount on empty leg space. brokers such as Victor, JetSuite, PrivateFly and a long listing of others are offering empty leg as part of their periodic retail campaigns. When empty feet seem like too good a bargain to be real, according to how you are planning to use them, it could be.

What is the reason why there is a certain amount of risky walking when you buy empty feet? In case the client who pays cancel his journey from Teterboro to Teterboro, the empty stage collected by you from Teterboro to Teterboro will be cancelled. Even worst, conversely, if you have an empty route scheduled from Teterboro to Teterboro because the aircraft should be used for a full return journey from Teterboro back to Teterboro, you may cancel your return journey at any time prior to your scheduled start date if the passenger on the other side of the journey changes plan.

It may be necessary for the carrier to modify your timetable to ensure that the air crew does not exceed their statutory boundaries, with the emphasis on ensuring that the full fare customer receives the service on a punctual basis. So if you just want to fly from Washington D.C. to Palm Beach next weekend and don't worry about spending your days or hours, you can safe yourself a lot of cash and prevent the amazing commercial aviation world.

The best thing I can do when using empty feet is to use them between those aerodromes that already offer regular business services. So if your empty foot is going southwards, you can go to the other side of the aerodrome and take a plane with an air carrier. As you would check operators and planes if you buy on-demand charters at full rates, make your due diligence as to who will fly you and make sure you are satisfied with the supplier.

JetSmarter is not a brokers, but you have a contract with XOJET for empty leg, which means you will be operating with a good looking airline. Similarly, if you are a Wheels Up, Delta Private Jet or Jet Linx client, the empty feet they offer are on planes they own or operate so you know what you are getting.

I have been working in private air transport for over 15 years, trying to get rid of the empty flight rate, and many have done so. The fact that empty feet are still so widespread and available, however, is that they are unlikely to work for those without it.

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