How to become a London Taxi Driver

Becoming a London Taxi Driver

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Knowledge Taxi

As the use of navigation devices is forbidden, it can take two to three years and often even longer to remember the many sights and fastest journeys through London. 1 ) Submit an enrolment package with a health evaluation sheet in writing: 3 ) You will get your resume, fill it in and submit it together with your doctor's reports and personality tests.

7 ) Performing several "appearance tests" (1-2-1 verbal tests). First - Send a letter to the Public Carriage Office 15 Penton Street, London N1 NPU and ask for an applications package. Dependent on your study type and the assumption that you will drive the itinerary either in a vehicle or on a motorbike with a unique page as your guide, it is much simpler than having to carry a manual around with you.

There are three orally administered examinations better known as look and feel examinations. Testing lasts between 20 and 30 min and develops around an investigator who asks you for the locations of two different points of interest. When you know all possible tours and sights like the back of your hands, you will be sailing it.

Be a London Taxi Driver 2018

If you are a taxi driver in London, you must have a thorough understanding of the streets and places of interest in London - this is called knowing. The time it will take to become a registered taxi driver in London depends very much on whether you want to be a full London driver or a local driver.

Any London driver, also known as a "green badge" driver, will need to have a thorough understanding of London within six miles of Charing Cross. First there are 320 trails or "runs" to be learned, along with all the sights and important sights on and around these slopes. All London Learning lasts between two and four years and requires a high level of engagement and work.

As soon as you are licenced, you can work anywhere in Greater London, and the bene?ts are gigantic. {\POSTERING }WHAT IS "KNOWING THAT"? Taxi drivers must be able to set the route immediately at the customer's demand or on the terms of traf?c instead of stop to look at a chart or ask an inspector by wireless.

Consequently, the knowledge is the in-depth investigation of the London road lanes and landmarks that taxi riders in this town must take in order to obtain a license to run a taxi in it. This is the most challenging taxi driver course in the whole planet, and candidates usually need at least 12 "Appearances" (tests on the test ?nal) after an average of 34 month of preparing to take the exam.

Of the 320 principal itineraries ( "standard itineraries") through the Centre of Knowledge of London, the Blue Book (of?cially known as the "Guide to learning the Knowledge of London"), prepared by the Public Carriage Of?ce, which governs London's licenced taxi services, contains the following A total of around 25,000 roads within a perimeter of six miles of the Charing Cross as well as the most important traffic lanes are served by the remainder of London.

Taxi drivers must study these and the points of interest along these itineraries, which include roads, plazas, clubs, clinics, hotel facilities, theaters, governments and civic facilities, train station, policing station, courthouse, diplomatic building, important cult sites, graveyard, crematorium, park and open space, sport and recreation center, educational site, restaurant and historical building.

Knowledge contains particulars such as the order of the theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue, or the name and order of the side roads and www. traffic signs handed over on a itinerary. We offer separately short course for the London suburb, with 30 to 50 "runs" according to sectors. The would-be Kabbies, known as Knowledge Boy's (or Girls), usually follows these London tours on a motorcycle during practice and can be found at ?xed via the Clipboard on the driver's handlebar and show off the roads to be learnt that particular afternoon.

Candidates must have a valid driver's license and no police records in order to impart this information, and then they must take a test in writing at ?rst which entitles them to an "appearance". Apparently, without looking at a chart, the knowledge guys need to find the fastest and most sensible way between any two points in the Greater London Area that their investigator selects.

PCO's route listing for student learners is better known as "Blue Book Runs". Itineraries are just a travel schedule, i.e. there are 320 races in all and they are the basis of our London experience. It is important to be conscious that the Blue Book Route Schedule is only a guideline.

This is why it is very important to know the right way to get to know your Blue Book run. As a rule, an examiner will NOT ask you to perform the races as described in the manual, but to guide the NAHEN KORRESPOND to these trails. When you place your order, you will get automatic 30 day free access to our London Taxi Drivers Test free of charge.

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