Helicopter Flights Melbourne

Melbourne helicopter flights

Join us in the VIP Lounge and Heliport at Essendon Airport and be above the city in a few minutes to maximize your round trip flight time. 20 minute helicopter flight over Melbourne That 18-20 minutes helicopter ride over Melbourne has it all! Each course offers a stunning view of Docklands, Eureka Tower, Rod Laver Arena, The MCG, Exposition Building, then Eureka and MCG again for a good cause. There'?s no better way to see Melbourne!

Located 20 minutes by car from Melbourne CBD.

The first of these is in Melbourne. One or more places can be purchased for an exciting helicopter ride around Melbourne CBD. Join us in the VIP Lounge and Heliport at Essendon Airport and be above the airport in a few moments to maximize your round trip flying in. The airway is Docklands, Eureka Tower, Rod Laver Arena, The MCG and AAMI Stadium, Exhibition Building, then pass Eureka Skydeck 88 and the MCG before driving back to Essendon Heliport.

We' ll match you with other travellers so you can enjoy the thrill of this helicopter ride alone or with your loved ones. It is a joint trip that is only available on Wednesdays and weekend. Duration of this adventure is 18-20 min. You' ve got to get there 15 min before your flying season.

Up to 5 persons and crews on this trip. Joint flights must be full to continue. However, this can be influenced by the wheather. Attendees who are arriving on the date of their event and do not follow these rules will lose their time. Locations in the lounge or hanging area are only open to people.

When they bring along their families and buddies, they can observe the take-off and landings from certain vantage points. Telephones and camera are welcome, but pockets in the helicopter or hanger are not. As soon as this experiance has been verified, the changes are at the sole discretion of the event organizer and will be agreed directly with him according to this policy:

A change of the participant's name is not allowed.

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