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Taxis give receipts? from time to time, but i got to work in another place tomorrow and i can say margin back if i have evidence, but frankly have never had a receipt from a taxi before, so wasn't sure on the response, just your average taxi-driver, not a taxi or anything other. Taxis can't, but taxi riders can.

In the past they could give you a receipt in writing as I had it in the past, but they went back a little but can't see why they wouldn't do it anymore. Usually they give you a corporate badge with the printed rate and signs it, that's what I had before.

Even if you tilt it and want to tilt the ticket price to the next pound / 50p / whatever you want, you can ask it to note down the round number. I don't know, I'm usually too preoccupied with walking down the aisle. Taxis can't, but taxi driver can.

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What was the origin of the UK Busness Forum? I have worked in a taxi company before and the receipt is usually just a calling car with pricing on the back, which must be completed by the taxi operator. Usually they are like little booklets that are glued together on a page, so taxi riders simply put it on a receipt and remove it from the block.

They would not believe that they would be willing to pay for separated receipt because they would not be so simple to use. Can' find a regular print shop that can make these little "books." How about a copy notebook with charcoal papers, wouldn't that be similar? Do you know how a small notebook of note pad on the front of each page would be the receipt, i.e. To, From, Date, Total and then on the back would be my ad.

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