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Flight searching Outward and return trips may involve charters. One way trips may involve charters. Several destinations means that you are visiting several sites and must therefore select between them. It is not possible to make a reservation for multiple destinations. Please be aware that not all tariffs found may actually be available, as low tariffs are usually sold out quickly.

Schedule Finder allows you to browse the complete flight schedule for all carriers, regardless of seating capacity. Kids are travellers between the ages of 2 and 18. Babies are under 2 years of age. Yes. While babies on rounds on home routes are generally free to travel on board aircraft, a charge will apply on most cruises if you select this if you wish to reserve a spare seating slot for the little ones.

Passenger compartment must comply with air company specification. Places reserved for small kids can be charged at preferential rates. For further information please contact the forwarding agent. There are many carriers that welcome unsupervised minor passengers on their flight. Find out more about airlines' policy for unsupervised underage passengers. There are many air carriers offering reduced rates for babies, kids and the elderly.

The discount varies depending on the carrier, airport and seats offered. In order to find out whether your fare is reduced, look at the overview chart on the right side of the page entitled Details of your fare. There are many carriers that welcome unsupervised children on their routes. In order to provide safer, more convenient and entertaining travel for unsupervised children, you should call the carrier to review their guidelines and service.

These are some basic principles for unsupervised minors: Contact your carrier for guidelines and charges. Adolescents who are old enough (approx. 5-17 years*) can usually travel on non-stop, non-stop or connection services, but will not normally be permitted on the last connection of the current date.

Your rating will depend on the airline's policy, so please contact the carrier for details. A number of carriers offer (or require) supervisory services for children from the moment they board to the moment they meet at their ultimate destinations. It is referred to as an small unsupervised ministry. Underage persons must be authorised for this type of services by the carrier.

Often younger kids (typically under 5 years of age) are not considered for the small unsupervised services and must be escorted on the same trip and in the same department by an older person (typically 15 years of age or older). Unattended minors are often compulsory for 5-14 year olds*, but voluntary for 15-17 year olds.

Retirement ages vary depending on which carrier you use. As a rule, a charge is levied at check-in for the small scale unsupervised services. In the case of small flights, the carrier usually wants to know who is going to meet the child at the final point of arrival. Please call the carrier before buying a ticket and enquire about the presence of unsupervised children.

As well as coach/economy seat, many services provide premium economy, business and/or first-class seating. The following are generalizations; some carriers may use different designations to describe their performance categories. Those chairs provide more legroom, bigger size and other advantages according to the carrier and airplane.

Class First Tariffs are almost always the most costly and not available on all airplanes. In order to limit your outward and return journey searching, outward and return journey searching or multiple destinations searching, choose one or more of the following items. Otherwise, the number of lower priced departures shown may decrease. Non-stop only - tick this option to see tariffs only for non-stop or non-stop services at one or more airport (s) before reaching your endpoint.

Reimbursable Trips Only - Select this checkbox if you only want to see tariffs that have no penalties for cancelling or modifying your booking. There are no pre-sale limitations - select this option if you only want to see tariffs where you do not have to buy the tickets a certain number of business days prior to the trip.

Except charters - Prices are quoted on routes operated by various companies and operated by different carriers. Select this checkbox if you want to remove chart prices from your results. eTickets, which are now available from many large carriers, allow you to fly without your printed card without worrying about having to leave your cards behind.

Whether e-tickets are available on departures, we can usually only ascertain after a certain selection of departures. If you are checking in for your trip, give the ticketing agency your name, your trip number, a government-issued ID and a hard copy of your travel route or sales slip. Certain airline companies also ask you to indicate the name of the plastic with which you purchased your ticketing.

Our Helpdesk will be happy to answer any queries or concern you may have about your travel route.

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