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Galway helicopter rental

Private helicopter charter & private helicopter rental for business or leisure helicopters for any role, filming, photography, training, Medevac, aerial work. Helicopter Ireland Offering a full line of helicopter charterservices - whether for a gulf trip through Ireland, an important businessconference, a racing days, a tidbit for a beloved or just because you've always wanted to get on a helicopter - we can help! When you have something planned, write us a message - we will be happy to talk about your needs.

When it comes to tailoring our service to your particular needs and deadlines, you can rely on us.

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Established in 1998, it has existed for over 12 years and is one of Ireland's most succesful and knowledgeable helicopter companies. Located in a bespoke 15,000 square-foot hangar at Galway Airport, the Executive's Charter Division provides an élite pool of aircrafts, capable of serving all group size from one- engine to twin-engine, with an immaculate security balance.

Heli Golf - Executive are members of IGTOA AND IAGTO. Executive Helicopters' expertise allows you to choose the ideal solution to make the logistics possible. And who hasn't dreamed of 18 hole Ballybunion in the mornings and 18 hole Royal County Down in the afternoons?

Do you need a top level of professionalism and confidentiality to get from one session to the next? We can take all the necessary precautions from obtaining a permit to effectively fulfilling all the demands on your company's stationery to the basic aspects of professionalism. Airport shuttles - are accompanied by a cargo handler from arrival to your awaiting helicopter and directly to your final destinations, reducing aircraft attitude and tiredness by eliminating undue delay.

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Our work is based on the highest company norms and ensures that the needs of our customers are fulfilled. We offer our own helicopter transport services, which offer flexible solutions based on the customer's plans.... Amaze your loved ones with the start of a VIP helicopter tour of Dublin or the Greater Dublin Area, followed by dinner at the award-winning Gourmet Food Salon for just 249 per each.

Our choppers are all fully compatible....

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