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Air Taxi Service can help you. The Air Charter is the new and effective way to travel. which leads to airport congestion and flight delays.

$3995 Chicago Area Airports TO Mackinac Island (Mackinaw City) for up to 5 persons.

$3995 Chicago Area Airport TO Mackinac Island (Mackinaw City) for up to 5 persons. The Air Charters will be the new and highly enjoyable way to go. An increasing number of passengers are taking advantages of air charters to depart and reach destinations from airfields and municipalities not served by airline companies. Air charters are expensive, and charters use planes conceived to be secure and efficiently suited to certain types of travels and passengers.

Frequently a chartership is cheaper than a Businessclass. The Air Charters program allows individuals to really conserve valuable times, make the journeys they haven't made due to lack of available space, and spend less travelling and accommodation that they need. Take your leisure and ask for a air charters offer for your next trip, you will be amazed how cheap and comfortable air charters can be!

Apart from the fact that you save a lot of valuable travel times, you can select any air travel location. All cities in the United States are already pre-programmed in our plane charters scheduler. More than 100 years of flying history means our committed and experienced pilot are prepared to take you where you want to go!

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Endangered by congestion airports

Several thousand new small planes about to conquer US sky will probably be adding several hundred extra daily departures to major metropolises such as Las Vegas, Chicago and Dallas, resulting in air traffic overload and delayed departures. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's latest research forecasts that the air taxi services with "very lightweight jets", a new category of aircraft for four or five persons, piloted by air, will have a significant effect on major airports:

Some of them could have lightweight planes increase air travel by 25%.....

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