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Big business jets and heavy ("Bizliner") jets. Best values in the Midsize and Light categories. Very light jets", also called "VLJs" and formerly known as micro jets, are a rather young category of business jets. There are four main categories of private jets: light cabin jets, medium-sized cabin jets, super-cabinet jets and large cabin jets.

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Thermoprop " or "propjet" is a aeroplane propelled by a jet propulsion system. Even though turbo-prop airplanes have a lower velocity than their jet engines equivalent, they are more economic and provide better access for smaller airfields with restricted take-off and landing areas due to their shorter runway. Turbo-props are available in all capacity, but when it comes to business and personal air travel, we speak of Turbo-props with a pressurized but small cab for 4 to 7 people, mostly without a standing cab.

Reach limits and relatively high turbopropellers with high cab sound profiles are more suitable for routes of up to 2h. Extremely lightweight planes ", also known as " micro planes " or " micro planes ", are a very young business jet family. This is a class of small aeroplanes certified for single-pilot operations that can accommodate 4 to 6 persons and have a max take-off mass of less than 10,000 lbs (4,540 kg).

Simpler than business planes, they are conceived in such a way that they can be piloted by individual pilots. LJVs are expected to have lower operational cost than traditional jet aircraft and can be operated from a runway up to 3,000 ft (914 m) either for private use or in a point-to-point aerial cab system.

Whether small or lightweight, these are entry-level aircraft for traveling in the shorter to longer term that combine comfort and performance with affordability. Passenger cabins (and luggage capacity) are usually well equipped and suitable for journeys of up to 3 or 4 hour flying times, for which lightweight aircraft are designed. Typical seats are for 6 to 8-9 persons, without standing room in the cab.

Mid -size" or "medium-size" jets are designed for average distances between 3 and 5 hrs, usually from coastline to coastline in the USA. There is a comfortably designed cab with 8-9 passengers seating, enhanced standing height and a seperate laundry room. A few model aircraft feature a female stewardess, while the later ones also have a significantly enhanced baggage compartment.

Supermedium class' aircraft can be seen as a distinct class as a kind of trade-off between medium and long-range aircraft; although they have somewhat more limited long-range capacities, they provide many of the advantages of long-range aircraft, but at more competitively priced prices. Extended reach up to 7hrs, full stand-up height, large baggage allowance and roomy staterooms make this class a favourite option.

Long-haul jet" includes personal and business jetliners designed for luxurious long-haul traffic. Several large jet engines are three-engined for trans-atlantic continental service. Long-haul jetliners have roomy staterooms with a cruising time of 6 to 10 hrs and seats for 8 to 16 people in first-class executivestyle. A lot of large planes have berths.

Bizliner are a combination of business jets and airplanes, as they are (mostly short-haul) airplanes that have been transformed into luxurious V.I.P. configurations and expanded ranges to enable long journeys between continents.

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